October 28, 2020

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the Chinese military buildup

The Chinese Military Buildup


The Chinese military buildup that has been taking place over the past decade should scare Americans. Russia’s military buildup isn’t all that impressive, as I discussed in “The Real Amount of Russian Defense Spending.” China, however, has a much stronger economy and military. I am firmly of the opinion that Americans need to be startled out of their apathy and start to support a real military buildup to counter China.

So, it was with great relief that I read an article on Business Insider yesterday about Admiral William McRaven’s announcement that the Chinese military buildup should be a “holy shit moment” for Americans. We need to wake up to the problem and start investing in weapons, technology and innovation. Things like perfecting the truly great F-35 fighter, putting lasers on fighter jets and putting IRBMs on naval vessels. Also, the secretive Pentagon space program I talked about last week might help counter China. We can out-innovate and out-fight China; we just need to invest enough in our military first.

Like I have the past couple weeks, this article will mainly be outtakes from a Business Insider article about the Chinese military buildup. McRaven states the problem and solutions to it far better than I ever could. I hope you agree with Admiral McRaven and me about the magnitude of this problem.

The Article about the Chinese Military Buildup:

First, about China’s rise as a military power and the threat that the Chinese military threat poses:

China is emerging as the most significant rival to the US, as outlined in a report by the Council on Foreign Relations released Wednesday. From hacking and intellectual-property theft to incursions in the South China Sea, China is asserting its dominance in the Pacific and its intention to compete militarily with the US.

From: https://www.businessinsider.com/seal-mcraven-chinas-military-buildup-moment-for-us-2019-9

Next, about China’s intellectual property theft:

China’s intellectual-property theft is a significant cause for concern, and one that the US is confronting, the report said. Between October and December, the US Department of Justice indicted Chinese hackers and intelligence personnel on charges of intellectual-property theft three times.

From: https://www.businessinsider.com/seal-mcraven-chinas-military-buildup-moment-for-us-2019-9

Finally, about the magnitude of the threat and what American’s should think:

China’s growing economy and investment in technical innovation has been a growing threat to the US’s national security for years, but now is the US’s “Sputnik moment,” McRaven said, referring to US competition with Russia in the Cold War.

“If not now, when?” he said. “And oh, by the way, it’s just going to get harder as we get further into the future.”

From: https://www.businessinsider.com/seal-mcraven-chinas-military-buildup-moment-for-us-2019-9


There’s no need to be unduly panicked. However, there is significant cause for concern. Luckily, President Donald Trump is firmly committed to taming the Chinese dragon and rebuilding the depleted US military. We just need to make sure that he remains in office long enough to do so because the Democrats, especially senile Joe Biden, certainly can’t be trusted to do so.

Read the article about the Chinese military buildup here: https://www.businessinsider.com/seal-mcraven-chinas-military-buildup-moment-for-us-2019-9

By: Gen Z Conservative

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