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Establishment Congressional Members Are For Sale, And China Is Happy To Buy

The Legacy of the United States of America

The course of history is a rising, falling, twisting, and turning road.  It is rather easy to look back and determine which roads may have been a superior route to travel.  At the time, things had a rather different perspective.  Man is a slothful little animal despite all propaganda to the contrary.  This reality has left us with quite a few “what ifs” on the rearview radar.

In the final analysis, the Second Law of Thermodynamics boils down to this: a closed system deteriorates into nothing, while an open system does deteriorate but it becomes larger and more complex while deteriorating. The ending is equivalent, but the journey is quite a bit different.  Influencing other systems and people is the only measurable effect on our lives and beliefs.

The meetings in Philadelphia among the wealthy, well-educated class of colonists was a unique situation in the course of 2,000 years.  (I am leaving out Iceland.)  The colonies were wealthy while London was poor, as the wealth had been spent propping up North America during the French Colonial wars.  Was London justified in wanting Virginia and South Carolina and Massachusetts to send money?  Of course.

Unfortunately, the usual English arrogance overwhelmed common sense in governing their possessions.  The usual clowns were in the political drivers’ seat.  “Give me the money now” was the continuing speech of the government.  A few wise men realized that the situation was significantly different from the Gordon Riots or some foolish James the XX wanting his throne returned.  A  political situation that could have been easily resolved became a world-shaking event to the detriment of Britain.

This decision relegated Britain to a jealous observer role after “two long lifetimes.” W. Churchill.  Other regional empires have come and gone since 1776 but none has approached the significance of the United States.  The only enemies we have are the international political and banking maggots that have infested our governmental halls since Woody Wilson.

The entire western ideology of government has been based on domination by a financial conclave of self-appointed Wise Men.  The result of these machinations is rather simple to envision, Thermodynamics wins again!  Continuously dissolving is our governmental and physical fate.  A few will benefit but certainly not a majority.

Our civilization is confronting a stagnant primitive cultural behemoth that has existed for millennia.  China’s culture has not developed in thousands of years.  The basis of today’s rapidly evolving governmental and technical society is adaptability.  We have little, the Chinese have less.  Their monarchical government only allows for the adaptation of ideas that can be easily remolded into old forms.  Their pictograph form of written communication alone requires adaptation of English to transmit new ideas.

This requires immersion with Western barbarians to assimilate technological developments.  It is humiliating for the Mandarin.  This point needs to be emphasized.  We are the inferior help that needs to be controlled in the view of the Chinese government.  They believe that the scum we have in the government represents our best citizens.  Why shouldn’t they?  The DC group is easily purchased help.

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Our accelerating self-destruction is an interesting situation.  While it is understandable that the banking class wishes to expand their power as always, it appears that their usual alliance and financial support programs will backfire.  The Chinese do not need help long-term and are logically operating along the margins to further their own programs.  It is difficult to believe that this is not obvious on Wall Street.

The Belt and Road program is expanding into the Balkans and other eastern European lands.  This is agenda approaching the heart of the old international financial system.  The EU acceptance mystifies me. 

The last battle zone is the U.S. Congress.  For generations, buying D.C. influence has been the program.  Initially, it was just another source of income for the members.  However, the international socialists began to enter the White House directly under Woody Wilson.  This changed the dynamic as true believers came to the fore and were able to push the debt-based Federal Reserve system through.  We have been suffering ever since. 

Now with the Chinese money battling for a piece of the action, the equation has changed. The new international situation requires extensive intellectual abilities to adapt to the accelerating deterioration schedules we are experiencing.  Unfortunately, we have vague intellectual requirements for positions in these areas.  How many students transfer from political science to the physics department? 

The global disruption of the ultimate world currency, food, always involves unforeseen reactions.  It is easy to determine the stage of unrest.  After three days without food, I am quite irritable and hungry, and I am less interested in diversity and racial oppression than I am in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Quite a few countries have had food riots in the past few weeks.

Who is going to provide the stabilizing hand on the tiller to right the global ship?  I hope the US Navy Chief of Staff does not have one of his lady friends’ hand on the wheel.  We have seen diversity killing sailors already.  This little lady was  screaming “my career” as she was led from the bridge. 

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, where this article originally appeared, and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.