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CDC Wants to Control the Gun Violence “Pandemic” Too?

Though the CDC has not said directly, they certainly are implying that they want to control a gun violence “pandemic” too.

Dr. Walensky says “I’m not here about gun control. I’m here about preventing gun violence and gun death.” One would presume part of understanding gun violence is to understand the social issues surrounding the issue. Certainly, mental health is part of our overall health, but if we are going to treat social issues as “pandemics,” where the CDC needs to have plans to deal with it, where does this lead?

Will we need lockdowns, drugs, and even mandated passports to deal with this too? Covid has a better than a 99% rate of survival. This is a fairly small percentage. If society is unwilling to take any risks at all it may (in the CDC’s eyes) be appropriate to wade into all kinds of issues to of course “protect us.” For example:

  • Do you drink alcohol – you might kill others with your car?
  • Are you a smoker – you cost the collective money and take health services away from others?
  • Are you overweight – you cost the collective money and take health services away from others?
  • Are you a good parent – we need to protect our kids from bad parents?
  • Is there a relationship between poor social media scores and crime?
  • What about your lifestyle risks?
  • Or even your political ideology.
  • Could this even lead to a pseudo eugenics program where your DNA or the color of your skin is considered a problem?

This move will create a universal registration of gun owners, that is the goal.

Are we inching our way into the tyranny of the “nanny state?”  A lot of special interests, money, and politics are at stake. Many people may think this “slippery slope” argument is nonsense, but the way things have been going recently with government overreach, one should worry.

RWR original article syndication source.