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The Bungling Administration – Joe Biden Has Become the Face of Hypocrisy

Hardly a single American was not moved in some way by the events of 9/11, that horrible day when the Towers came crashing to the ground. Everyone who could do so stepped up to help in the recovery and almost no one questioned their political affiliation; they were Americans, that’s all there was too it at that time.

Not everyone agreed on President Bush’s course of action after 9/11, but everyone was satisfied that he would fully respond. Even while at first, we had no idea how he would respond, we took solace in his promise that those who caused the buildings to fall, would “soon hear from us.”

Fast forward to today.

Who could imagine a time when the families of 9/11 victims would ask a sitting president to stay away from the memorial services meant to honor their loved ones? A group of some 1800 people has asked Joe Biden to skip the commemorative gathering, due to a question of classified documents.

Kamala and Joe, think Americans are all hunky-dory with them as the victorious dynamic duo of dem heroes for emerging socialists, but that’s far from reality. In fact, upwards of 75% of the nation thinks they both got into the White House on the wings of ballot fraud in several key states.

The hypocrisy of their administration borders on the antics of a Stalin or Mussolini. They don’t seem to see or care what people think. They may begin changing their tune at or near the end of 2022, but that is politics as usual. It is a revelation about the character of both Biden and Harris.

Some points are lost in endless details and verbalization, but here we must not allow that to happen. Of the many hypocritical actions, executive orders and missteps coming out of the Biden Administration, none is so blaringly two-faced as his handling of the illegal immigrants at our southern border.

After taking to public TV and declaring he will stop at nothing to keep Americans safe from the pandemic – we then learn that 20% of the immigrants are testing positive for Covid.

This is where semantics fails, and reality takes over. Biden said he would stop at nothing to protect, but in reality, he is doing nothing to protect.

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Joe Biden is a Covid enabler!

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says, “Stop pretending that crush of immigrants at Texas border isn’t driving COVID cases.”

Wall Street Journal Opinion says, “If Biden Is Serious About Covid, He’ll Protect the Border.”

Michael Bresciani

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