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The Brazenness Of What Happened is Shocking and Horrifying

Why I Think the Brazenness of What We’ve Seen Is Shocking

Before reading any more of this article on the brazenness of what the Democrats are trying to do, I want you to go to Netflix and watch Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 7. Normally, I wouldn’t tell anyone to watch TV, much less to use a streaming service that is trying to use shows like Cuties to normalize pedophilia. But, in this one case, I think it’s important.

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In that episode, you’ll see cartel members rigging an important presidential vote so that they can stay in the good graces of the government. First, they try to just make it appear that they won. Then, when that doesn’t work, they send armed men to go actually change the vote. They refused to lose and, in the process, destroyed the last vestige of democracy in Mexico, turning it into a failed state.

Does that remind you of something that has happened recently? Perhaps our last presidential election?

Sure, no cartel gunmen rigged ours in their favor. Well, except maybe in Oregon, a state that just decriminalized hard drugs. And maybe they will in the future, now that Biden is letting in tens of thousands of illegals. But I jest, the problem in this election was not drugs. The problem was the unscrupulous actions of the Democratic Party.

When we all went to bed on Tuesday night, Trump had won the election. He was up substantially in Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and was only behind by a few votes in Nevada. But then, once we were all fast asleep, something happened and the brazenness of it was absolutely shocking.

Swing states stopped counting votes for no apparent reason. Polling places kicked out GOP poll watchers and covered up their windows so that no one could see what was going on inside. The USPS changed postmark dates on mailed-in ballots so that Biden could get more votes. Unmarked vans showed up outside polling places in Detroit and carried coolers of ballots into the polling stations on red wagons hours before hundreds of thousands of votes were counted for Biden. Nevada counted thousands of votes from out of state. Georgia kept finding more votes, as did Pennsylvania. And, in the blink of an eye, Trump was losing.

To me, the brazenness of that was shocking. They did not even try to hide the voter fraud that was going on. They just cheated and expected Americans to sit and be quiet about it.

Does that not get you angry? Does it not make you remember that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice? Are you now willing to fight the culture war?

What has happened over the past few days is reprehensible. It is something you’d expect to happen in a narcostate or banana republic, not the United States of America.

We should have seen this coming. I wrote weeks ago about why mail-in voting is a bad idea. Most of Europe has banned it because of the opportunity for fraud that it represents. Project Veritas exposed shocking levels of voter fraud in Michigan weeks before the election, yet nothing was done. How could we not have prevented this?

In my view, Biden could not have won legitimately. He had no popular support, was a bad candidate, rarely campaigned, is obviously not mentally fit, and is part of an increasingly radical party. Yet we’re now supposed to believe he got more votes than any candidate in US history? Give me a break.

In the aforementioned episode of Narcos: Mexico, the cartel members don’t even try to hide what they’re up to. They simply march into polling places and add zeroes to the tabulation sheets so that their chosen party wins. The brazenness of that was shocking to me when it happened; it was obviously fraudulent, but they got away with it.

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That is what I see happening right now. The Democrats just added zeroes to Biden’s vote count. In Michigan, voting machines counted thousands, if not tens of thousands of votes, for Biden when they were actually cast for Trump. Wisconsin has an unrealistically high voter turnout number. Pennsylvania and Georgia keep finding more and more votes, all of which are cast for Biden. In some cases, that means they “find” tens of thousands of votes that were cast for Biden without finding a single one cast for Trump. And many of those simply have a vote for Biden- not a single down-ballot candidate. The brazenness of it is shocking and repulsive.

But the question remains, what are we supposed to do about it? Will we remain like the Mexican populace in Narcos and remain bitterly but silently resigned to our fate as mere subjects of a criminal network? Or will we stand up and fight for what we know to be right?

All of the states I’ve mentioned in this post need to be sued by as many organizations as possible. Their leadership, Republican or Democrat, needs to be tossed out of office and tried for, at the very least, gross negligence. All of the votes cast by dead people (there are more than you’d think) need to be thrown out. Every vote needs to be audited to ensure that a real person actually cast the ballot and did not vote multiple times.

Right now, I’m disgusted. Republican political leaders won’t stand up and call out the brazenness of the Democrat corruption, or even note that voter fraud is obviously happening. They’re just happy to get rid of Trump, a man who forced them to actually get things done.

Common people need to step up. Go to a rally in support of free and fair elections. Donate to the Trump legal fund. Submit reports of anything suspicious you’ve seen. Post about this issue constantly. Do not regard Biden as a valid president unless it’s proven that it was a free and fair election; right now, it looks like it was not.

The brazenness of this is all shocking. It is repulsive. And it is sickening. America is not a third world country. We can do better than this.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. Mail-in ballots all counted at once cause a spike, Trump told people not to vote by mail. If you can’t wrap your mind around it you should go back to high school, dumbass.

    • In that spike, not a single vote went for Trump. I’d understand it up to 70-80%, but 100% of 100,000 votes being cast for one candidate is absurd and about impossible.

      • Not to mention no other votes were cast on those ballots for down ballot races. A 100% statistical imposibility.

    • You call him a dumbass, but fail to explain how 100% of those ballots went for Biden. I know you probably didn’t do well in math, but your lack of logic is astounding.

    • The spike was because not a single one of these new votes went to Trump. Thousands of them. A statistical impossibility. Looks like you’re the dumbass.

      • Stop making up fake name, we all know it’s you making up different account names and posting , your mom said she was going to throw out your playstation if you don’t act like an grown up. Darn guess it’s geting tossed, aw wanker.

    • Wow, and who exactly needs to go back to high school? Mail in ballots all at one time, you really are clueless. If that were the case why then did they need to extend the days for them to come in? Drain you’re drool bucket call on your other wittle wee wee poopy pants basement dweller friends and come up with a witty comeback, oh wait you’ll just copy and paste someone else’s. Oh and by the way that smell coming from your basement is you.
      Thanks ta ta,
      Your neighbor.

  2. It’s total BS that people across the Internet are shaming Trump just because he wants to make sure that he actually did not win. OF COURSE Trump WANTS TO WIN. Everyone wants to win. Who doesn’t? So Trump has the RIGHT to check every vote, do a recount, do a court case – everything in his power to prove that he didn’t actually win. And only after that should he actually admit that he didn’t win, if that’s the case. Trump is a fighter, a warrior, which he is proud of. The media is just too afraid of him to admit that.

  3. Its time for a purge of the corruptocrats. Principals only, leave the family members alone. Cheaters have to die

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