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The Big New Development in Chris Wallace’s Potential Position at CNN

Chris Wallace, the RINO that turned tail from Fox after making a fool of himself during the 2020 presidential debate, is one of, if not the, highest-profile people to be hired by CNN recently.

In fact, with news coming out that Stelter and Lemon might be fired soon, Wallace might be one of the few high-profile people left at the network.

So, where does he fit in? Will he be the network’s one star as it fires off its “talent” and fills the void with less famous but also far less biased mediocrities? Will nothing happen and he’ll retain his current position, but not acquire any more prominence at the network? Or will he be one of a few stars used to build CNN back up into what it used to be?

Well, according to the Daily Wire, which reported on the news that CNN might be zeroing in on someone to replace Cuomo, he’s one of two people being considered for that position.

CNN is reportedly closing in on a permanent host to replace Chris Cuomo, whom former president Jeff Zucker fired last December. Two names are said to top the list: Chris Wallace and Brian Williams.

The Daily Beast reports much the same thing. According to that outlet:

In addition to fixing their morning show, where ratings have plummeted, and deciding what to do with a bloated CNN+, due to launch later this month, Licht faces a tough challenge in filling the primetime hour once occupied by Chris Cuomo. Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace is one name being floated internally to take the key 9 p.m. slot. (Javier De Diego, currently the supervising producer on The Lead with Jake Tapper, will become exec producer of Wallace’s CNN+ show, it was announced on Monday).

However, it does add that Williams is up for consideration too, not just Wallace:

But Licht may look externally to make a splashy new hire. One name that continues to pop up is Brian Williams, who revived his career at MSNBC before exiting last year and is looking for one final act, according to two people familiar with his thinking. It would be quite the comeback for Williams who has always had his sights set on a nighttime talk show—and who better to orchestrate such a move than Licht, who reworked Stephen Colbert’s show and took it to first place in the late-night ratings.

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Still, being one of two top names for the post is big news for Wallace: with a bit of luck, the former Fox host could be the new face of CNN.

And, though Wallace is by no means a rock-ribbed conservative, that would be a major change. He is, at the very least, something other than a far-left Democrat of the stripe that CNN has become known for. So there’s that.

But he’s also far from perfect. As the Blue State Conservative reports:

Both have had issues with their trustworthiness over the years. Wallace’s infamous performance during the 2020 Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump showed his true left-leanings, as he repeatedly interrupted Trump while allowing Biden to babble endlessly. And though there are other examples of Wallace’s reliability concerns, Brian Williams’ believability is utterly non-existent.

Williams was suspended in 2015 after his storytelling-disguised-as-journalism was exposed. As NBC Nightly News anchor at the time, Williams had been spinning a tale about having been in a helicopter that was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade. The story was pure fiction, other examples of fabrications came to light, and Williams was out the door; but only temporarily.

So, CNN will end up with one liar or another, but could finally be drifting back toward the center and away from the far left. We’ll see where it goes from here.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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