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The Biden Problem for Democrats in 2020

Introduction to the Biden Problem

The Biden Problem has become a severe one for Democrats as of late. When they forced comrade Bernie to drop out so that Biden could be propped up and potentially have a shot against Trump.

But that strategy was predicated on the idea that Biden is a viable candidate. He’s not. He’s a senile rapist that is known for being creepy and a bumbling idiot that makes many gaffes. So, now the Biden problem has presented itself as he’s the only option left for Democrats, but he’s a terrible one.

Other conservative commentators have picked up on that fact of the Biden problem too. For example, one of my favorite conservative thinkers, Victor Davis Hanson, has an excellent article in RealClearPolitics entitled “Biden Has Become an Albatross for the Democrats” about just that subject that I think every conservative needs to read; they’ll see just how the Biden problem is wrecking the Democratic Party.

Summary of What the Biden Problem is Doing to the Democratic Party

First, Hanson gives a concise summary of why Biden is even the Democratic nominee in the first place:

Joe Biden is the apparent Democratic presidential nominee. After all, he had a seemingly insurmountable lead in delegates going into the rescheduled August convention in the postponed Democratic primary race.

Biden was winning the nomination largely because he was not the socialist Bernie Sanders, who terrified the Democratic establishment…

…The least offensive candidate left standing was Biden. Many Democratic primary voters initially had written him off as an inept retread, a blowhard and an impediment to the leftward, identity-politics trajectory of the newly progressive Democratic party.

From: Biden is an Albatross

Next, Hanson illuminates how Biden’s corrupt and lecherous nature is a huge liability for the Democratic party:

Biden has been unable to keep his hands off women. Even his supporters cringed when he was seen sniffing the hair, rubbing the shoulders or whispering into the ears of unsuspecting females, some of them minors. Stranger still, Biden waxed on about his commitment to the #MeToo movement. The handsy Biden has insisted that women who made accusations of sexual harassment must be believed.

The more House Democrats attacked Donald Trump for supposedly pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden’s wheeler-dealer son Hunter, the more Biden’s own suspect dealings with Ukraine surfaced. Such scrutiny followed from Biden’s boast, caught on video, that he had leveraged Ukraine by threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees unless a Ukrainian prosecutor was fired. That prosecutor had wanted to investigate the Ukrainian company for which Hunter Biden worked.

From: Biden is an Albatross

Finally, Hanson describes how Biden misunderstood how much the fake news media would prop him up and why they have suddenly deserted him:

With the Democratic nomination a lock, Biden assumed liberal reporters would allow him to campaign as a virtual candidate. They would forget his lapses and ignore prior controversies, including the sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade, a former aide…

…But Biden misjudged the liberal media. Reporters were at first willing to overlook his liabilities. But the more Reade persisted in her accusations and the more the media ignored them, the more embarrassing the media’s utter hypocrisy became. Journalists had torn apart Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over allegations of sexual assault, after all.

So suddenly the press decided that Biden was no longer worth shielding. Yet the change of heart was not entirely for fear of appearing hypocritical. Rather, the media seems terrified of Biden’s increasingly obvious cognitive decline.

In other words, the media was most certainly not going to be degraded on behalf of a nominee who may no longer seem viable.

In the three months before the Democratic National Convention, Americans will witness some of the strangest political scrambling in presidential campaign history. Simply put, how does the Democratic Party cut from its neck an albatross — one who has the most delegates but is likely not up to serving as president?

From: Biden is an Albatross

My Thoughts on Hanson’s Article

I think that Hanson really hit the nail on the head, so to speak, in his article on the Biden problem.

Biden should not have been such a large liability for Democrats. Sure, we all know that he’s a creep and is mentally deteriorating. But, up until pretty recently, it wasn’t obvious how much of a mess Biden is. Now that his problems are in full view, it’s not all that surprising that he’s flailing about. Given all we know now, it’s surprising he even made it this far in the first place.

By far the most important section of Hanson’s article is the last section. The section about how the media is abandoning Biden. If you read my article on the media colluding with Democrats, Andrew Breitbart’s book Righteous Indignation, or the book Politics is a Joke, then you’ll see that the media and Democrats typically work together to attack Republicans. If Biden’s imbecility and immoral nature break that bond between Democrats and the media, then that would be a huge victory for Republicans.

Even if many in the media still hate us (they do), things will still be better for Republicans if the media and Democrats aren’t collaborating. Without that cooperation, Republicans will be much better to fend off media and Democratic attacks and counterattack. Just think how much easier it would be to prove that Trump isn’t a racist or show that Hank Johnson is an idiot (for thinking Guam will tip over) without the Democrats and Mainstream Media working together. That’s what the Biden problem has done; given Republicans a tremendous advantage.


The vitriol and polarization present in our politics makes it difficult to remember that paradigms can rapidly shift. One such paradigm, that of media and Democrat collusion, could change because of the Biden problem. Biden’s indiscretions could put his party at a significant and long-lasting disadvantage. We can only hope it does.

I won’t keep writing about Biden day after day. This article on the Biden problem can be thought of as the third part of a three-part series on how the Tara Reade accusations against Biden have altered the 2020 election. Part 1 was about whether or not Biden is a rapist and part two was about how Democrats are hypocrites for supporting Biden. I hope you liked the series on sleepy Joe and have learned about the Biden problem for Democrats!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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