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The 12 Best Memes of the Week, Part I

Readers, we love memes on this site. It’s one of the reasons I created it three long years ago and part of what’s kept this site going for so long. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When a meme is compared to Brandon’s words, each one must be worth at least a million. Well, with Slow Joe’s inflation, maybe a few million. In any case, enjoy this collection of the best memes from this week and the links to the ones I discussed! Make sure to share your favorites!

I did Nazi that coming. Did you? Read here about the left’s dark plans for America.


Empty shelves Biden is a disgrace. How’d we let the idiots on the left put this guy into office? Regardless read about Biden’s empty shelves here.


Biden might be a disaster, but at least he’s building the GOP back better with his insane policies! Read more here.


Which side are you on- LGB (let’s go Brandon) or FJB (fuck Joe Biden)? Check out the personality test I made here!


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Let’s hope Brandon keeps mumbling! Every time he does, a new Trump voter is born. Read more here!


Joe’s approval ratings can go way, way lower, as I wrote about here.


Yeah, gun control isn’t about keeping you safe. It’s about keeping the tyrants safe, as I wrote about here.


If you’re waiting on President Brandon to do something good, you’re gonna be waiting until hell freezes over. That’s because he’s utterly inept.


Yeah, it’s gone a bit too far, as I wrote about here


Biden might have had an accident in Rome…


Even the Chinese restaurants don’t like President Brandon


We need a true leader like Trump back in office!

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