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The Best Is Yet to Come if Trump is Elected Again!

Note: This article on why the best is yet to come was written on November 2nd, the day before the election.

Why the Best Is Yet to Come If Americans Re-Elect President Trump

I have confidence that the best is yet to come for America and the Trump Administration. President Trump will win again tomorrow and not only that, but Joe Biden is going to lose in a landslide. Between Biden’s inherent unelectablity, the corruption of him and his son, the other revelations on the Hunter Biden emails and laptop, and the radical views of both Biden and Kamala, there is no way that Biden is going to lose in anything less than a landslide tomorrow.

But I’ve written about all of that before; it’s not what this article is about. It’s about why, once Trump is president again, the best is yet to come. Why is that? Because Trump is inspiring and wants to ensure that America remains on top of the world, not just another member of some globalist, united community of nations.

Why Things Will Be Even Better: Trump Is Inspiring

First, watch this Trump campaign ad:

Wyatt Earp. Annie Oakley. The Apollo Program. The Alamo. The patriots at Lexington and Concord. D-Day and the rest of America’s involvement in World War II. And many other examples that show just how amazing just how amazing America has been.

That “The Best is Yet to Come” campaign ad is inspiring, isn’t it? Everything Trump says, from his mentions of the Wild West and railroads to our terrific space program evokes patriotism. Sure, America has had its issues, but he doesn’t dwell on those. Instead of ranting about what Americans on both sides of the aisle have done wrong over the years, from slavery in the past to modern Democrats supporting rioting and looting today, he dwells on what we’ve done right. He focuses on the great men and women of our past.

You see, Trump is different than most of our politicians. They’re in government because they’re self-interested and desire power. Like Madison and Hamilton warned about in The Federalist Papers, our government has been taken over by power-hungry men and women that aspire to power, not making America a better place.

Or at least it was taken over by them. Then Trump stepped in. And, as he came down that golden escalator and gave his first speech in 2015, Americans could see two things: Trump loves America and he wants it to be a better place.

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Because of that difference, unlike our other politicians, Trump is inspiring. He doesn’t dwell on topics meant purely to further his personal power or image, as most of our politicians do. Instead, he speaks about how great America has been and how he will make it even better. When at his best, he talks about America and its inherent greatness, not himself.

And that message strikes home, as you can see in the “The Best is Yet to Come” campaign ad. He focuses on historical figures that exemplify the American ideals of individuality, success, and standing up to evil. His speech is a speech about how great America is because of its citizens and their accomplishments. It’s inspiring and unlike anything else you’ll hear from our politicians. Unlike them, Trump is in this because he loves America, not because he’s hoping to gain from his presidency in any way.

Why does that mean the best is yet to come? Because, can you imagine what Americans can accomplish once they’re no longer divided and bickering? We need a president who inspires us and brings us together, as Trump is trying to do. His attempts to revive American patriotism and use it to unite America is part of the reason why the best is yet to come.

We can’t remain in this perpetually divided state where we argue about American history and ruin any chance of national unity by constantly bickering about what parts, if any, of our history we should try to erase. We need to instead be inspired by our history. It needs to push us onward to greater and greater things, not hold us back. Trump is making Americans proud of their history again, which is why the best is yet to come.

No nation can succeed if it is internally divided and crumbling because of those divisions, as Abraham Lincoln noted. It needs to be united and committed to greatness. With Democrats in charge, America will remain divided. They use identity politics and scratching at old wounds and grievances to get Americans angry at each other and supportive of the identity-based policies of the Democrats. They’re not inspiring; they’re a gang of race-baiters and divisive, career politicians.

Trump, on the other hand, is inspiring, and that is why the best is yet to come. Once Trump is president again, he will use patriotic imagery and references to bring Americans together again and make them proud of their history, as they should be. To be great again, we need to be inspired again. Trump will do that, as Reagan, JFK, and others before him did. We will get through this dark time, these times that try men’s souls, because Trump will inspire us and help us overcome adversity.

Reason #2 Why America’s Future is Bright with Trump in Charge: He Will Ensure America Remains on Top

But Trump’s unique ability to inspire us is not the only reason why the best is yet to come. The other reason is that Trump wants America to remain on top of the world, not just another nation.

Joe Biden, the Democrats, and establishment Republicans want America to be average. They don’t believe in American exceptionalism or greatness. They don’t care for patriotism, nationalism, or any other way of expressing that you believe America is great. They just want us to fit in.

Whether that means adopting failing systems of socialism like those used by the Scandinavian nations, “accommodating” and “making room for” rising nations like China, or demanding that we waste our resources and national wealth on building up other nations rather than reinforcing America’s position.

They spend money on endless wars that don’t enhance our national security or national prestige. Instead of making trade deals that benefit the American populace, they used trade to build up other nations. Just read this article on how global shipping rates are calculated if you don’t believe me- our globalist politicians agreed to a system that benefits the Third World and cripples American industry. With them in charge, there’s no way you could say that the best is yet to come for America.

And with climate change, they agreed to deals like the Paris Climate Accords that would cripple American industry and raise prices on our consumers while forcing nations like China, which are the real polluters, to do nothing at all. Were they American politicians or foreign ones? When reviewing what they signed us on to, it can sometimes be hard to tell.

Not so with Trump. The best is yet to come with Trump because he is freeing America from the costs and shackles of globalism and has made all Americans better off. He has taken us out of disastrous deals, negotiated new ones that make us better off, unleashed the American economy, and taken us out of the endless wars that were draining our blood and treasure.

You see, Trump, as I have previously established, is not like other politicians. He doesn’t give a damn whether anyone thinks he is nice. Unlike Biden and others, he could not care less how well other nations are doing. Rather than build up China or Afghanistan, he wants to spend American resources on making America a better place.

Companies are coming back to America. New factories are being built and old ones are being expanded. Our troops are returning. Profits and household incomes are rising. New businesses are being started. Leftism is being beaten back. The un-American 1619 Project is being replaced with the patriotic 1776 Commission. On every issue, real Americans are better off because Trump is in charge.

trump is doing well, but the best is yet to come
Trump is doing well, but the best is yet to come

But that’s not even the best part. The best part of all that is that it’s just the beginning. When Trump is re-elected, even better programs will follow; the best is yet to come.

Once he’s elected, Trump won’t even have to pretend what the people who hate him think. He can send in the National Guard to crush the Antifa fascists. He can force Republicans to enact even better tax reform bills and make them permanent. Without the corrupt FBI yapping at his heels, he can go on to strike great deals with Russia that help us fight China. Now that Biden and his ilk have been discredited, Trump won’t have to waste time fighting opponents beneath his dignity, but can instead focus on making America great again. That is why the best is yet to come once we re-elect Trump.


No one is perfect. Trump certainly isn’t.

But he is the hero we both deserve and need. We deserve someone so bellicose and uncouth, as that’s what America has become.

And, more importantly, Trump is the hero we need because he will do anything for America. He’s the one willing and able to fight the culture war the way it should be fought. Unlike other Republicans, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, including world leaders and other American political figures.

All he cares about is making America a better place. He’s patriotic, inspiring, and laser-focused on defeating the left and ensuring a victory for America. That is just what America needs right now; we need someone willing to fight for us and win at any cost.

Just imagine what he’ll be able to accomplish once he’s re-elected. Everything we have wanted to do can be accomplished. No matter what it takes he will fight to do so. That’s why the best is yet to come. Remember it.

By: Gen Z Conservative