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The Battle for America’s Fate

The Quote about The Battle for America’s Fate

“America can win a war against any external foe. Consequently, it is the war at home that will ultimately decide America’s fate.” -David Horowitz on The Battle for America’s Fate

My Take

The battle for America’s fate is the battle that will define not only this nation but also the world. As Ronald Reagan once said, America is the last bastion of freedom left in the world. Not a single other place has the historical level of freedom that we do, so young conservatives need to wake up to the fact that battle for America’s fate is currently ongoing and join in that battle.

We’re America’s future and, generally young conservatives believe in limited government are thus politically amenable to the libertarian/conservative view of a free America, so we need to take it upon our selves to start fighting that battle viciously and immediately. Otherwise, all might be lost. Freedom could die if we don’t.

Sure, that freedom has declined some in recent years. But still, it’s better than everywhere else in the world. The Chinese are allowing protesters to be attacked in Hong Kong. The tyranny in Great Britain must be unbearable for citizens of that once proud nation that stormed the beaches of North Africa and Normandy. And, of course, there’s Mexico, which is basically a failed state because of the cartels described in Narconomics.

So, America is all that’s left of the tradition of freedom that used to be found elsewhere in the world. That means that what happens at home is incredibly important. The SJWs need to be rolled back, as do those with Trump Derangement Syndrome. The battle for America’s fate needs to be fought and fought now.

young conservative
Young Conservatives must join in the battle for America’s fate

We have to stand up for our freedom and natural rights. We need to relearn our founding principles and understand our history. And, most importantly, we need to regain our common identity that Samuel Huntington wrote in Who Are We?

That common identity is what traditionally gave America its strength. No matter what small political issues we disagreed on, we were able to join together to fight common evils like the Nazis or redcoats.

Unfortunately, it has recently vanished. Leftists and conservatives are diametrically opposed and disagree on most every issue, no matter whether those issues relate to domestic or foreign policy. On one side are supporters of individual liberty, capitalism, and limited government. Or, in other words, the basic values that conservatives believe in. On the other side are leftists that want an authoritarian, Big Government bureaucracy that makes capitalism impossible and crushes individual liberty. That dichotomy is what the battle for America’s fate is all about and is so severe that the views on either side of it can’t be reconciled.

Because the opposing sides in the battle for America’s fate can’t be reconciled, conservatives must strive to win. We must educate and support ever greater numbers of young conservatives, lobby and fight against Big Government policies, and partner with groups like the libertarians with which we might have some disagreements, but not irreconcilable ones.

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If we don’t the consequences for the world will be dire. A world without America would be a horrible one to live in. There will be no free nation to look up to, only the miserable dregs of slavery and socialism.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook