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The Average Conservative Podcast

About Me

Greetings! My name is Isaac Neeley and I host a show called the Average Conservative Podcast (only on Soundcloud, currently). I am currently a full-time high school student in Indiana and I also work most nights after school and some weekends.

I do plan on moving down to Arizona to further my education after this final year of high school and majoring in either Marketing, Network Security, or Political Science. My friends, most of whom I consider family, have been a huge support in my journey to finally creating my own podcast. I love to debate and many people dislike me for this reason.

I chose to be baptized alongside one of my best friends just a couple of years ago in the St Joseph river, this was performed by my grandfather, who has been a lifelong pastor and Democrat. My faith in Christ has set the groundwork for many of my beliefs, which I will discuss next.


I’m a Libertarian Conservative and my faith has guided much of what I stand for. That being said, I think no person should be discriminated against for their personal ideologies, skin color, gender, etc. We were all born on this Earth and must band together to have a working system.

Each person should be treated with equal respect and no group should have any special privileges that others do not. I do not believe in same-sex marriage and will not attend or perform a same-sex wedding. However, I have several gay friends and do not hate or discriminate against them for being as they are.

This brings me to my next point, I am a huge advocate for legalization and weed needs to be legal in all 50 states and the tax rate needs to be around 5-10%, not these ridiculous rates we see in California.

Legalization would cut into Cartel profits (which is discussed in Narconomics) and drastically reduce the number of opioid patients and addicts throughout the nation. This is because many of the illnesses and pains that these people experience can be treated effectively by marijuana use. Weed also brings people together, in my opinion. Most of my friends are pretty Liberal and we get along just fine. 

Moving on to a more sensitive topic, abortion. I believe that no child should be aborted except in the cases of rape or endangerment to the mother’s life. Many of the people getting abortions neglected to have protected sex. They performed an adult action and therefore should face the adult consequence.

If you can afford an abortion, you can afford a box of condoms. I do believe in climate change and it is an issue that we need to pay more attention to. More funding should be allocated for research and development of alternative energy sources. These are just a handful of my beliefs and you can hear more of them by tuning in to the Average Conservative Podcast!

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I run the Average Conservative Podcast on Soundcloud and I’m hoping to branch out and get it on Spotify and possibly create my own website at some point in the future.

My podcast is not politically correct and should be taken lightly. I try and bring some humor into politics and make it enjoyable to hear. I also try and include some news that’s local to my area, as most of my listeners are from around here.

I run a Twitter account where my personal views are expressed and announcements for new podcasts are made (@avg_conserv). Try not to be offended by my words but if you are, I’m sorry I don’t really care. I haven’t had much time to release any new podcasts lately because of finals and work, but I’m entering my final semester of high school now and will have more time in the day to create and record. I am pretty active on Twitter most days so you can tune in to my tweets and retweets throughout the day.


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a bit about me! Be sure to check out and give me a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud, you won’t be disappointed! Remember to make your vote count in November and to Keep America Great!

By: Isaac Neely

Twitter – @avg_conserv

Soundcloud – Average Conservative Podcast

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