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The American Collapse

Thanks to Joe Biden, or more appropriately the shadowy coalition that imposed that loser on us, we have succeeded in allowing it to be possible for two haters of America to be joined in one country with one purpose, the destruction of Western Civilization. Antifa and the civilian support corps of BLM now have common cause with the most powerfully armed terrorist organization on the planet: Al Qaeda. The Taliban provided safe haven for Al Qaeda 20 years ago and if you think they have changed their spots during 20 years of getting their asses kicked by Uncle Sam, I would say to you that the U.S. educational system has failed you horribly. 

I could go through a litany of the usual suspects: the CCP, the Mullahs, George Soros, Russia, Iran, Democrats. They all have designs in the planning stages or in deployment for the destruction of self-governing democracy and ultimately Western Civilization. From brainwashing our children in educational establishments and Academies to trying to install a permanently manipulated voting system that guarantees one-party rule perpetually skewing totalitarian, with medical tyranny and an indoctrination system that values feelings over facts.

Just as the Democrats of the Jim Crow era had the Ku Klux Clan to carry out terror campaigns on anyone brave enough to call out their evil, today’s Democrats use Antifa and their useful idiots, BLM, to terrify working Americans and especially corporations who just want to make profits without political headaches.

Cancel culture tactics like doxxing and shadow banning have forced people and corporations with opinions not approved by the ‘woke’ to retreat into silence and, by extension, complicity. It has gone so far that firing people for not including the correct pronouns in their social media biography is acceptable corporate behavior. Coca Cola moving an event they sponsor from one state (conservative-leaning Georgia) to another (liberal Colorado) because of a (false) Democrat narrative about voter inclusion.

The voter laws in Colorado are more restrictive, of course, but that doesn’t matter as long as the correct narrative is pushed. We live in a sound-bite society and the Dems have their team moving at the first note. No thought, just do what you are told Sheep.

Antifa (we’re anti-fascist because of its name) burns and loots for no other reason than they want you to do things their way. It is terrifying to a complacent populace and this is the most effective means to that end. George Soros was instrumental in affecting the first migrant caravans, complete with news crews, crises actors and semi-trucks to transport the poor retches featured on the broadcast news to the southern border and I feel his fingerprints on this movement too.

An impressionable Hungarian child during the Nazi-Era, it is not surprising that he picked up a penchant for dictatorship and hatred for individualism.

BLM, reinvigorated by the George Floyd op, dutifully shows up en masse any time the Democrats declare that something is racist. I call it an op, the reaction to the harsh treatment of a convicted drug addict, rapist, and extortionist that was a ready-made for television, display of overreaction, complete with multimillionaire politicians and rabble-rousers adorned in fake traditional Africa garb and a gold casket to send Floyd to his just reward. The fact that he died in police custody, most likely of a drug overdose, has spurred a real call to defund the police. What could make an easier glide path to anarchy than fewer cops on the street and the ones that are there afraid to engage because even if their actions save an innocent life they and their careers are dragged through the mud and destroyed by the mob? Once anarchy is unleashed, it is easy to get gentle people to agree to a totalitarian state to make it stop. It is an old game with updated rules.

It is obvious to me that we should split into two countries. The people who love the idea that is America, even though, like everything this side of heaven, it can use improvement and those who want to gain power by denigrating and tearing apart the freest and equal society ever devised. But who gets the house and who gets the kids? By that I mean the political delineation is no longer West Coast and NE liberal states (although NY is largely conservative, totally ruled by the politics of big cities) vs middle America conservatism.

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Nope, 60 years of welfare/warfare statism (to borrow a term from Ron Paul) has spread the love of big government and the dependence it fosters to every hamlet it touches. Factories and farms have been co-opted by unions and factory agriculture/chemically-enhanced food production. And political sanity is bought by oligarchic entities buying local elections or politicians and laughing at enslaving a once-proud electorate. I would be for a line down the middle dividing North and South or East and West and I would take any section plus freedom of thought and action against liberals as long as the terms were the same for both sides.

Californians, I know, like saying that they have the fifth largest economy in the world. They arguably have the best weather to support the agriculture and tourism industries too. And even with all of this, they would be a boondock compared to the industrial Midwest and Financial New York if not for the Movie industry.

The problems in holding on to our freedoms are gargantuan and well-entrenched, possibly too well-entrenched because for every time we are victorious and we are able to point out that welfare-warfare and nanny statism (including unelected bankers ‘directing’ the economy) is the culprit and anathema to freedom and that free markets and individual freedom is the solution. We are greeted with a new credit meltdown or a global pandemic. The totalitarian state in all of its hydra-headed manifestations have used these crises, whether real or manufactured to cow and enslave almost every American

It was the solution to escape British rule in the 18th century and it is the solution to defy corporate tyranny in the 21st. Similar to the way the King held imports and taxes over the heads of people who had escaped Europe and the largest tyranny of the time, the British Empire, our overseers at Google, Facebook and all of the gatekeepers on our free expression withhold our freedom over thoughts and opinions if they, in their imperial wisdom, deem them unfit. Friends, that is the kind of thing we fought our way to Yorktown to extricate ourselves from. That is what the British were trying to reimpose with the invasion of Washington D.C. and the New Orleans bay and that is what we defeated again in 1812.

It seems we now have a tyranny of complacency, we send our children to schools as babysitters and to be taught by teachers who hate this country:

Because we are told ‘the American Dream’ is more important than our future, we blithely sign up in unions that influence our vote and tell us that uniformity is power because they control the labor of all the industries, especially industries where good money is to be made.

We are entertained in our homes with cable TV, Netflix, and ROKU that feature movies made by companies that cater to the ‘woke’ constituency because that is what they can sell in China. I would like to thank the cable TV suppliers (of which there is only one in my area) because the Pablum they supply has forced me to rediscover my absolute love of reading. I have tried to use smaller purveyors of books because even though Amazon, and their Rocket Man CEO, are really incredible at having anything you need delivered to your door, they feel compelled even entitled to direct your choices, going as far as refusing to ‘allow’ you to read certain Dr. Suess books, because the ‘wokesters’ decided it was very bad for you to be able to make decisions.

The medical tyranny is pushing very hard to inject the entire population with a product that the ‘neutral’ CDC was forced to approve. “Hurry up and get your injection so your masters can allow you to live your life again,” is the pitch. Until the next variant and we start this all over again. Australia is chasing down people caught coughing on camera to arrest and force vaccinate them. Actually, I don’t think they are holding them down to jab them but how long before that becomes a reality do you think?

As usual, I have gotten off subject to rant about the sad state of the world. Instead of the beacon of freedom attracting tyrannized people from all over the world and sending them back to infect their countries with the desire to direct their governments to support and defend individual rights we have imported all of the old dictatorial tendencies and created completely new ones as Americans are likely to do and watch them metastasize into a cancerous blob that no despot or dictator in history was able to achieve. In fact, our wonderful technological achievements have allowed and encouraged the dictatorial tendencies of the likes of Jack Dorsey, John Brennan (I haven’t even touched domestic spying today) and Mark Zuckerberg.

The fact that we abandoned Bagram airbase in the middle of the night leaving a one runway, indefensible civilian airport to evac the military and all of the people clamoring for escape to the safe haven of the U.S. seems to only tangentially concern the ruling class that hurry to gloss over the chance that unvetted Afghanis were given preference over known allies in the escape from beheading lottery. The fact that we left billions of dollars worth of taxpayer property within easy reach of people who have sworn our destruction is a talking point to be said quickly and moved on from in this administration.

By: David Gignac