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The 2nd Amendment Applies to AR-15s

My Take on why the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s:

We conservatives all know that the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s. Liberals have recently and constantly made the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t. They hold that incorrect thought for two main reasons. The first is that they think James Madison wouldn’t have understood the implications of private firearm ownership. The second is that they think an old piece of legislation shouldn’t apply to modern times.

Mistake 1:

James Madison knew what the implication were when he wrote the 2nd Amendment and enshrined our right to own firearms. America, through the use of private, “military grade” weapons, had just defeated Great Britain. Madison understood the devastating effect private ownership of high quality weapons could have on tyrannical government. that is why he wrote the 2nd amendment; to allow us to always have those weapons as a deterrent. They deter tyranny.

As a refresher, here is the text of the 2nd Amendment:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

You will note that the text of the 2nd Amendment, when properly interpreted by someone who knows how to interpret the Constitution, is unambiguous. It clearly states that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms and that the government cannot infringe upon that right. That means that not only is it true that the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s, but it is also true that we as Americans have the right to own whatever weapons we want. The government has no legal authority to constrain that right.

James Madison understood that private ownership of firearms was the cornerstone of liberty. The colonies were one of the, if not the, most heavily armed areas in the world. Practically every household owned a “military-grade” weapon. That high rate of modern firearm ownership allowed a militia made up of colonists and French Indian War veterans to defeat the greatest superpower on Earth at the time.

That victory was as impressive as it was shocking. Without the high rate of firearm ownership that existed at the time of the Revolution and then the writing of the 2nd Amendment, we could not have won the war. Madison understood the implications of what he was writing. The 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s because Madison had seen how private ownership of “military-grade” firearms was necessary to the creation of America.

the 2nd amendment applies to ar-15s like the one held by this minuteman
Mistake 2:

As I recently said in my “All Guns Matter” post, the 2nd Amendment should apply to all guns. Even if they look scary, they are protected by the 2nd Amendment. Why would James Madison want to defend such powerful weapons?

Because he knew that military technology would be constantly evolving. With those innovations always happening, civilian firearm technology would have to keep pace with military technology. If it didn’t, then tyranny would be able to set in. I recently explored that in my “Weapons to Fight Tyranny” post. Without military-grade firearms, civilians can’t stand up to their government and defend themselves from tyranny. The Founding Fathers were able to win their struggle for power only because they had the proper to do so; why should we be denied that right? The answer is that we should not be and the government needs to clearly state that the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s.

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Despite being written in the 1780s, the 2nd Amendment is still crucially important and should apply to modern times. By the logic of many liberals, we should still only be able to exercise our 1st Amendment rights in the way 1700’s-era Americans would have. Improvements in writing technology, and especially information dissemination technology, have been vast.

Luckily, the 1st Amendment has kept up with those improvements; it needs to so that our rights can be respected in the modern era. The 2nd Amendment should be treated the same way. Madison knew technology would advance. He also knew that the 2nd Amendment should still apply and protect those weapons.

Conclusion: It is Certainly True that The 2nd Amendment Applies to AR-15s

Private firearm ownership is a huge responsibility. Weapons such as the AR 15 can be used to inflict a large amount of damage on innocent people if in the wrong hands. Any weapon can. Machetes were used to kill hundreds of thousands in Rwanda, after all. But still, the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s. Madison knew that if the 2nd Amendment was going to fulfill its purpose of preventing tyranny in America, then we would need access to the best handheld weapons available.

No matter how advanced weapons become, our right to own them is enshrined in the 2nd Amendment, hence why the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s.

We conservatives must always remember that the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s. Don’t let our friends on the left use their faulty logic to convince you otherwise. The 2nd Amendment states that our right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed” for a reason; the Founding Fathers intended for us to have the proper weapons to defend ourselves, even if weapon technology changed. That’s why the 2nd Amendment applies to AR-15s.

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