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Heritage Foundation: The 1619 Project Is Already Being Taught in 4,500 Classrooms

According to a terrifying report from the Heritage Foundation, as of 2019 there were already 4,500 schools teaching the New York Time’s incorrect and anti-American 1619 Project!

I couldn’t find more up to date data, but Heritage’s 2020 report is shocking enough. Thousands of schools are indoctrinating their students with the Marxist propaganda contained in that abominable project.

While you should read the full report, available here, the most important takeaway is that thousands of schools are teaching this communist hogwash and tens of thousands of students are being indoctrinated with the 1619 propaganda.

Here’s what Heritage said:

“The 1619 Project isn’t just a series of articles placing slavery at the center of the American story. It is also a curriculum that is sweeping the land. No sooner had the prize been announced than The Pulitzer Center—which is independent of the prizes—was using it to promote that curriculum. The center boasted that it had “connected curricula based on the work of Hannah-Jones and her collaborators to some 4,500 classrooms since August 2019.” 

The center also reported the following highlights: tens of thousands of students are now using the curriculum; tens of thousands of copies of the magazine have been shipped to K-12 schools, community colleges, HBCUs, and other colleges; and the school systems of Buffalo, Chicago, Washington, D.C.; Wilmington, Del.; and Winston-Salem, N.C., have all adopted the project on a broad scale. 

The curriculum provides reading material, activities, videos, graphic organizers, etc., that will indoctrinate young minds on how America and its capitalist system are racist to the core.”

And that was the number in 2019…the fact that the 1619 Project is already being taught is disturbing enough, the fact that it has likely only grown in scope since then is even scarier.

America’s youth must receive a patriotic education. They need to read about such greats as Washington, Jefferson, and Madison and think of them as heroes, as titans, not as vicious racists and slaveholders. Describing them in such revisionist, modernist terms discounts the realities of life at the time and pushes the youth to reject, rather than embrace, American ideals. Critical theory, the basis of the 1619 Project, will rot their brains and devastate America’s future.

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We can’t let that happen. Every red state should adopt the 1776 Commission’s report and start using it as a basis for teaching. Every parent must attend school board meetings and fight against Marxist teaching, especially the 1619 Project. At home, parents must give their kids good books, such as His Excellency: George Washington or Being George Washington to read so that they know the truth about that great man and his compatriots. Every minute we waste is a minute the left will use to indoctrinate the youth with Marxist propaganda.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook