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Meme: That Sounds Incredibly Effective

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We already knew that the decadent left has no shame. That’s why its women dress like harlots, even at fancy events, it’s so open about sexuality and sexual deviancy, and it supports various imbecilic causes like “beautiful at any size.”

In the past, there was some standard of decency. People dressed well, and in an attractive style, but also in a classy way. Just compare any outfit Betty Draper wears in Mad Men to the disgusting apparel of Meghan Fox at the MTV VMAs. Even more importantly, they also acted reasonably, at least while in public. There wasn’t drag queen story hour, condoms weren’t littered around every building on college campuses. and people were a good bit more reserved about their sexual predilections.

Now, I’m no prude. Beauty should be cherished and praised and, as BAP and people like him recognize, there’s value in men chasing women a bit. At the very least, it’s better than a porn-addicted society. Just look at the great men of history. One of Churchill’s first political issues as an MP, for example, was defending the existence of whorehouses in London and he was always a bit of a flirt. Most great men are.

But there have, up until now, always been standards of decency. People need not dress conservatively at all times, but respectable people should dress respectably when in normal situations. A bikini is fine at the beach, but hardly acceptable for a black-tie awards ceremony and it’s a shame such obvious standards are no longer understood, much less obeyed. People need not act like the strictest of the Victorians, but being open about deviancy is a bridge too far. Standards are needed.

And nothing shows the need for those standards more than the above meme. It’s what you get when all standards are erased and obesity, abortion, and promiscuity are praised. A fat woman, rolling around on the ground and declaring she won’t have sex because Texas wants to let babies live. Want to know what the endpoint of leftism looks like? She’s it! Sure, her “strike” probably won’t work (philosophical question: can you go on “strike” when you didn’t perform the job in the first place), but the whole sad scene is horrendous and disgraceful.

So, whether you recoiled in horror or bust your gut laughing at her feeble attempts to fight Texas, know that tradition is the solution. Only by returning to an America with standards, an America that respected its heritage and Western Civilization, can we stop the drift toward coarseness and abomination.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Gab and Facebook