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The 7 Best Memes from Brandon’s First Thanksgiving

Well, “President” Brandon’s first Thanksgiving has come and passed. For many of us, it was a time to give thanks while also reflecting upon the utter disaster that the Brandon presidency has been. Thanks especially to inflation, a pernicious force hollowing out the savings of the average American and taking a wrecking ball to the already teetering Biden economy, it was probably one full of politics.

While politics at family gatherings can be a recipe for disaster (or tasteful redpilling), our inflation-wracked Thanksgiving holiday did, thankfully, provide a wonderful number of memes. Here are my favorites, if you have any others make sure to send them in!

  1. Feasting with Brandon:

Think you were gonna enjoy some Thanksgiving turkey? How provincial of you. The price of those are way up, so listen to the MSNBC apparatchiks and enjoy eating your cheap noodles. Maybe you can have a soy-filled vegan “turkey” if you’re lucky; meat is bad for the environment anyway!

2. Pardoned but Sniffed

You’re probably going to want to wash that turkey before cooking it. And no, that’s not just because it’s raw poultry. It’s also because Brandon enjoyed sniffing it before letting Mayor Pete use his favorite trains to ship it around, which is probably even grosser. So make sure to wash your turkey thoroughly!

3. This Might Not Be the Thanksgiving You Want, but It’s the Thanksgiving You’re Getting

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Yes, this one’s coming from a somewhat leftist (or at least not reactionarily redpilled) perspective. Most of those things you can buy with your $20 are great, not to be feared. But, still, I think we can all get where it’s coming from; family political discussions can make the Thanksgiving feast more of a circular firing squad than time of thanksgiving. In any case, it’s the Thanksgiving you’re getting.

4. Brandon’s Turkey Alternative

Well, the Dems on MSNBC said to find a turkey alternative, so I guess Brandon is providing a Talledega Nights-inspired fast food feast for the day rather than the traditional turkey and stuffing. While that might be disappointing, at least it’s not a tofurkey.

5. Brandon Forgot What Day It Is

What are the odds Brandon had to be roused from his bowl of lukewarm oatmeal and convinced that it was Thanksgiving and not some other, random day of note? I’d guess it’s at least 50/50, but it certainly could be higher than that. In any case, hopefully he kept that warm shawl draped over his knees while watching Matlock reruns. We wouldn’t want him to get sick and put cackling Kamala in charge; that’d somehow be even worse than the current situation.

6. Dinner Was MAGAnificent

Mother said not to discuss politics at the table. I said that was a MAGAnificent idea. Things went predictably well…just kidding, my immediate family is redpilled, so I have that to be thankful for. In any case, I’m sure many less fortunate people out there had some MAGAnificent Thanksgiving squabbles.

7. Ready to Talk Politics

If I were so talented as to be able to bake a pie as beautiful as this, I wouldn’t have to be talking politics. Unfortunately, I’m not, so next year I’ll need to buy a pie like this to set the tone. Given the interminable nature of the Covid nonsense, I expect many others will as well.

Which meme was your favorite? Comment below!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.