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Thank You to these Presidents Meme

Which Presidents Should We Thank? This “Thank You to These Presidents Meme” Says Just Who

Thank You to these Presidents Meme

Some presidents were great men that contributed in positive ways to this country. They are the ones honored by the “Thank You to These Presidents meme”. Others, like Obama, were awful. We need to remember their awfulness just as much as we remember the greatness of Reagan and Washington.

George Washington defeated the British, presided over the Constitutional convention, and left future American leaders and representatives with astute advice. He helped early Americans avoid foreign entanglements and understand the immense value of freedom of speech.

Abraham Lincoln helped prevent the dissolution of the Union. He eradicated slavery in America. And he was confident enough to respect his enemies that were worth respecting, such as the great Confederate general and southern gentleman Robert E Lee. Lincoln was a wonderful president that helped show future leaders how to act in times of crisis.

President Teddy Roosevelt was a similarly great man. He helped defeat the Spanish in Cuba by valiantly charging into battle. As President he helped make America a truly global force and made our nation internationally respected. And, as reported in the best book about the Gilded AgeThe Republic for Which it Stands, he helped break up the trusts that were impeding the economy. Like Lincoln, Roosevelt was a great Republican president.

Eisenhower was yet another great Republican president. He was the commander of the Allied armies that defeated the Nazi regime. As president, he helped guide America through the tensest period of the Cold War, bring our troops home from Korea, and advance American spycraft, as I write about in my review of Bridge of Spies. In doing so, he helped defeat two of the most evil regimes ever seen; the Nazis and the Soviets.

JFK followed Eisenhower and was yet another great Cold War president. He guided America through the Bay of Pigs incident. During the Cuban missile crisis, his calm demeanor helped prevent the outbreak of a global thermonuclear war. His investments in the space program helped get American astronauts to the moon, thus helping us win the Space Race. And he helped reassure our allies that we would fight communism around the globe. In part because of JFK and his policies, we beat the Soviets.

After JFK, America had terrible leaders. They were defined by big government, corruption, law breaking, and stagflation. But then, Ronald Reagan became president. He finally picked up JFK’s legacy and beat the Soviets. He reinvigorated the American economy through implementing the magic formula of economic success. His “Star Wars” program created the missile defense systems that keep us safe today. Ronald Reagan is an American hero and was a great American president.

Finally, President Donald Trump has so far been an excellent president, as we’ve seen by most everything he has accomplished since the election. He’s a president with backbone that can fight, but also avoid the foreign entanglements that George Washington warned about. Like Reagan, he has reinvigorated the American economy. And he has started to reclaim America trade rights and manufacturing jobs through pressuring China. Thank goodness he won; no matter what else, at least we have Trump as president. It’s good that is reflected in this thank you to these presidents meme.

Unlike the amazingly brave and talented presidents I just described, Obama definitely wasn’t a great president. In fact, he was awful. He never worked a real job and it showed. The economy faltered and Atlas was shrugging due to his over regulation and anti-business policies. The size of government increased dramatically. He had no backbone and made America a laughing stock on the world stage. His socialist Obamacare program increased premiums for millions of Americans. Obama’s presidency was awful. Luckily, President Donald Trump has helped us recover. So of course Obama is the negative actor in this “thank you to these presidents meme”.

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We should remember and honor the great presidents we have. We should celebrate the accomplishments of men like Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt. And we should also be cognizant of the bad presidents: men like Barack Obama who almost brought our great country to ruin. Remember the good and bad so that the lessons taught by their presidencies are learned forever, as this “Thank you to these Presidents meme” helps you do.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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