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UN-Woke Award Of The Week: Texas Tech Roots Out CRT On Campus

Every day brings us news of another college pushing CRT( Critical Race Theory) down the throats of students or penalizing a student who expresses any thought that does not agree with radical left elements on campus. It seems impossible that society would voluntarily incarcerate itself within the mental prison of racist CRT dogma propagated by its henchmen who scream for “equity” and “inclusion” while practicing marginalization and exclusion at every turn. These Marxist loons should look up the definition of the words “irony” and “hypocrite,” and they might have an epiphany, but chances are they would have to look up the word epiphany as well. As the old saying goes, “ignorance is bliss.”

In light of all the negativity we see on college campuses, it’s good to recognize the positive. This week the focus is on Texas Tech University for saying “NO” to the CRT soldiers on campus who proselytize from the book of Ibram Kendi and other race-baiters who produce hateful literature. Texas Tech University wins the ‘Unwoke Award’ this week for exhibiting bravery against the onslaught of so-called social justice warriors who prowl college campuses spitting their poisonous message like a maniacal pit viper.

The conservative group (YAF) Young Americans Foundation brought it to the university’s attention that presenters of on-campus anti-racism training conducted a particularly troubling session called “Deeply Rooted Conversations.”  It was during this segment that the program presenter began separating and segregating people according to their race. They use the terms “BIPOC” (Black, Indigenous, People of Color” and “ALLIES,” which is for whites who have to agree with everything they say no matter how ludicrous. The Young Americans Foundation (YAF) discovered one of these sessions that label law enforcement as an example of white supremacy.

Texas Tech spokesman Mike Dewey told the Daily Caller News Foundation that “Upon reviewing materials from the ‘Deeply Rooted Conversations’ discussion series, we learned that some of the content does not align with our university values, and we have discontinued this program.” Texas Tech subsequently deleted references to the program from their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

These race-centric groups on university campuses, in corporate settings, or your local high school are woven from the same cloth that endeavors to gag and silence anybody who objects to their tactics of isolating and ridiculing people based on their skin color. Here are a few things that these self-proclaimed social justice warriors claim are examples of “Whiteness” and, therefore, wrong: Objective, rational thinking, cause and effect relationships, self-reliance, respecting authority, following rigid time schedules, action-oriented, being polite, winner/loser dichotomy.

Basically, the attributes they designate as “Whiteness” are the same attribute exhibited by successful cultures throughout history, but somehow they failed to open a history book and make the connection. Oh, that’s right! I forgot! “Cause and Effect Relationships,” according to them, is a concept that is “white”; therefore, it is terrible and should be shunned.

Texas Tech University deserves a round of applause for its actions. Other universities and workplaces should begin treating their students and employees with true equity, inclusion and respect by not forcing every aspect of our existence to be viewed through the superficiality of a racial lens.

 RWR original article syndication source.