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Fighting Back: Texas Parents Push Back Against Critical Race Theory

It’s exciting to see Americans finally start to stand up against the leftist tyrants. Oklahoma banned critical race theory in the classroom. The Georgia House did away with Delta’s absurdly large tax breaks. Consumers are boycotting leftist companies and buying from conservative companies instead. The formerly insouciant public is insouciant no more!

One particularly exciting example of that awakening to the dangers of wokeness comes from Texas, where parents rose up to push back against critical race theory in the classroom.

According to the Federalist, two seats on the school board of the Carroll Independent School district, which is near Dallas, were won by the pro-American side in a controversial race that centered on how the district had embraced critical race theory after supposedly racist videos of two students singing rap songs went viral.

Here’s what the Federalist had to say:

“Three years later after the videos went viral provoking a radical embrace of state-sanctioned racism masquerading as anti-racism, parents elected two new school board members to reclaim their local schools from the left-wing indoctrination.

Cameron “Cam” Bryan, a civil engineer and father of four, captured one seat with 68 percent of the vote. Hannah Smith, an attorney and mother of four, won the other seat up for grabs with 69 percent of the vote.

“Southlake, we did it!” Smith told her supporters at a victory party Saturday, according to The Texan. “I’m so grateful to the voters for their confidence in me. The goodness of the people of Southlake is on display for the whole country to see.”


The new school board members plan on returning the district to a curriculum that focuses on educating students rather than indoctrinating them with leftist theories and ideas.

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It’s high time for that. How many students still read Beowulf, Shakespeare, and the other classics? How many can read at a high level, much less write well? Can our students do math well enough to rival the Chinese, think creatively enough to out-innovate our competitors, or speak well enough to inspire their countrymen? I doubt it. Nor can they fix a car engine, build a table with their bare hands, shoot a firearm, or repair an AC unit. But I bet they can tell you about slaves arriving in 1619, some racist thing each of the Founding Fathers said, and why America was the bad guy during the Cold War.

Both the practical and literary aspects of what used to be the amazing American educational system have been done away with and replaced with the anti-American idiocy that is critical race theory.

But now, in one district in Texas, at least, that will no longer be the case. Now, with Cam and Hannah on the school board, perhaps that district will return to teaching its students what they need to know and how to thing rather than pumping them full of leftist propaganda.

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