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Texas Challenges the Murderous Abortion Regime

By guest author Jack Hinson on Blue State Conservative

Only Democrats can murder babies in the womb.  Only Democrats can go unchallenged.

Leading up to 1973, baby murderers built momentum until the corporate state and its puppet media blessed and approved the surgical dismemberment of babies in the womb.  Eventually, their bloodlust, elusive to control and quench, spread to money and profits. How can it stop with only murder when the pieces and parts of the murdered baby and the little developing organs can fetch a sizable buck… contact the medical/med-tech industry. 

How about fetal stem cells in a mass-produced vaccine cocktail?  Next…contact the corporate “food” industry!  Artificial flavoring can use a kick.  Bloodlust begets profit lust.  Unfortunately, the inverse is also true.  The American genocide, desecration, and holocaust continue with over 61 million babies murdered since Roe v. Wade.  Until Texas stuck a Texas-sized wrench into the cogs of the corporatist murder machine that preys on our innocent little ones.

Bravo to Texas’ latest attempt to support the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as well as the Ninth Amendment!  Texas stands up and threatens the Demoncrats murdering and profiting under color of law.  Finally!  But the cronies in corporate media are not holding back their hyperbolic spasms of phony outrage at lives being saved from surgical dismemberment in the womb.  Cue the well-paid and plentiful propagandists of the west…Hollywood! 

The pussy hats and Demoncrats can’t scream loud enough or attempt another “reproductive rights” re-brand of murder fast enough, so Hollywood’s number one export of stupid dropped on the internet again.  Their masters cued up their corrupt, rotten, and dying stars to seep out the typical approved propaganda.  Then the lazy millionaire Marxists, the frightened, and the uninformed virtue-signaled and whined on Twitter yet again. 

“Texas claims to believe in freedom while demanding oversight of American Women’s Uterus’s as property of their state” (Patricia Arquette).  “Time to let Texas secede” (Ellen Barkin).  I agree with Barkin.  Time to form a Constitutional Republic…somewhere in America.  Such intellectual prowess from celebrated “celebrities”.  Who believes this fake outrage?  Pretending on a screen does not equate to nor negate wisdom, discernment, and knowledge.  Do they have tinnitus from their groupthink antennae forever attuned to their controllers’ frequency?  Their controllers’ orders have to grow tiresome no matter how often they receive the message that “women’s rights to murder were trampled on in Texas (and/or fill in the blank state).  Respond accordingly with typical pretense and the usual arrogance, loyal slave”.

In defiance of independent thought, Barkin went on to tweet “when do cis white males expire?”  Those darn “cis white males”.  All they did was found the country and codify some God-given rights like the one Barkin exercises on Twitter.  Ignorance like this is a powerful barrier to real discernment.  Hollywood demonstrates this daily – Barkin’s racism and ignorance is but one example.  The self-sacrifice of “cis white males” so others can go on to pretend for millions of dollars has led to mass resentment from anti-thinkers like Barkin.  Their hatred feeds off those that sacrifice.  These Hate Gluttons grow obese on lies while mining the cavernous depths of their immorality, looking for more flawed pearls to cast before the swine hordes of self-importance.

What’s the upside to this crap?  Another opportunity to wake up.  The reaction to Texas’ new pro-life law from the illiberal “liberal” group thinkers should be shaking the deepest zombified American from their video-streaming/mainstream-media induced coma.  Hmm…maybe we shouldn’t be supporting them anymore with our eyes, our minds, or our dollars.  Hollywood hates you.  They hate the flag.  They hate anything and everything American.  Especially the work of the classic America that Hollywood ironically used to produce and showcase.  Classic America captured in cinema and television reflected the same values, quality of life, and the highest standard of living that a free people created.  But this is past.  The same western propaganda machine that made the people of the earth love classic America now works to make the people hate America.  And its number one target is the classic American. 

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Find your inner Texas and never learn “your place!”  Turn the empty heads off.  Turn it all off.  Let the propaganda pump come to a choking halt.  Their ideas don’t flow anymore.  They’ve run dry of them.  Only hate, remakes, and delivery devices for depravity and moral bankruptcy clank around in those empty heads.  Why celebrate their mediocrity by the eyeful?   Your time is finite.  Spend it wisely; don’t give your precious time to thieves.  The propaganda pours aplenty from the corporate puppet media machine, looking to create more puppets to hijack the minds and products of the productive.  They want what’s yours.  From the womb to the bedroom, to the boardroom…and beyond.

Exercise awareness, vigilance, and strengthen critical thinking.  Discern what is true and value it.  That is just as contagious as the spirit of liberty. 

By Jack Hinson

Jack Hinson is a patriot and concerned American who calls out government when needed.