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Teflon Don: The Trumps Just Made Savage Legal Move Against NY AG Letitia James

New York Attorney General must have thought that Trump somehow lost his “Teflon Don” characteristic just because he was out of office. Well, he didn’t; no leftist attacks stick to him now just as nothing the crazy leftists threw at him in 2016 stuck to him then. Either that, a rookie, foolish mistake, or she just forgot about it and thought that she’d succeed where no others have.

Well, whatever her reason for thinking that she’d somehow be able to go after the bad orange man, she made a grave, grave mistake. Why? Because the Trumps just did what they did best: counter-punched. As Wayne Dupree reports:

the Trump family just made a big, smart move to go after Leticia. They’re going all the way to the New York Supreme Court, armed with a 38-page court filing and a damning campaign video from Letitia James herself, which is solid proof that she’s been on a political witch-hunt and is now desperately trying to fulfill some half-baked campaign promise to “destroy Trump.”

[…]They want her efforts to “harass and target” them tossed out and they’re using Leticia herself to make that point.

And yes, there actually is a video of her exposing herself as a partisan hack that would go after Trump no matter what. Her intelligence, which would appear to be small based on the fact that she thinks taking on Trump is a good idea, will be even more in doubt after you watch this:

Eric Trump, in saying “Letitia you can not escape your own words. This is all window dressing for your abuse of office and ethical misconduct (which we are prosecuting you for) and northing more than a PR move to revive a political career after your gubernatorial disaster,” is right. She’s an obvious political hack and is coming after him because he’s him, not because he did anything wrong.

But that video is just the tip of the iceberg. As the New York Post reports, Trump’s filing with the state supreme court alleges that James “improperly and repeatedly threatened investigation and prosecution of former President Trump and his family as a campaign promise to garner votes, money and support, and now, as Attorney General, to gain political support.

Further, referring to the video, the lawsuit says “When Ms. James made this speech, she had no evidence that Donald Trump was engaged in any criminal activity.”

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It’s all there and they’re taking her on in a way few others would dare to, using their massive resources to skewer her in a way that the others she and her corrupt, vengeful office could only dream of.

And that response is classic Trump. During his masterful 2016 campaign, he described himself as a “counter-puncher.” Now, by fighting back in the court system to expose and destroy a partisan hack of an AG, he’s showing that applies to everything, not just hilarious remarks on Twitter that are such on-the-nose insults that they make your skin crawl.

We’ll see if the suit pans out but, regardless, it’s a big step toward fighting the left’s tyranny.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.