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Ted Cruz Ripped Brandon’s Appointees to Pieces in 2021

Ted Cruz, though he hinted that he might run in 2024, has mainly stayed out of the news recently.

His Senate colleagues, especially Senators Kennedy and Paul, have been seen in the news and on Twitter, decimating Brandon’s radical nominees and tearing Dr. Fauci to bits.

But, as Fox reports, though Cruz might not have been as visible as some others, he’s been working diligently to put Brandon’s appointees on the defense whenever they’re brought before the Senate.

For example, back in March, Sen. Cruz voted against Kristen Clarke’s confirmation to serve as assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

At the time, he not only called her “completely unfit” and “one of the most radical nominees ever put forward for any position in the federal government” but also said that:

Not only has she made her disgust for law enforcement clear by her repeated calls to defund the police, she has a history of not only excusing, but celebrating criminals who have murdered police officers. The Department of Justice has a long history of being apolitical, of exercising fidelity to the law, of not using the law as a partisan weapon to target enemies of whatever administration is in power. The Obama-Biden administration corrupted that practice, and now the Biden-Harris administration is continuing that pattern.”

Cruz, Fox notes, has also voted against radical nominees like Dave Chipman, Biden’s AR-15 hating nominee for the top spot at the ATF, and Myrna Perez, a judicial appointee for the 2nd Circuit Court.

Seeing both as far-left radicals, Cruz worked to keep them out of the spots Brandon wanted to put them into.

He also has fought Biden’s nominee to the 9th Circuit, Gabriel Sanchez, and appointee Rachael Rollins, who he denigrated as soft on crime.

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And, as usual, he tore them to pieces verbally, often just by noting their radical policies. Speaking on Ms. Perez, for example, he said:

You have waged litigation campaigns and opposed voter ID laws. You have opposed voter integrity laws. You have opposed prohibitions on ballot harvesting. You have advocated for felons being able to vote.”

Similarly, speaking about Ms. Sanchez, Cruz noted that she “played a leading role in legislation that would allow violent offenders to qualify for parole,” and that the legislation she backed would make communities less safe.

And those are just a few of the people Cruz has torn to pieces. He’s also gone after Mayorkas, FTC nominee Bedoya, and other, less prominent figures.

However, Cruz might have lost sight of what’s important. Despite having denigrated many of Brandon’s nominees, he let them sail through after striking a deal where Democrats would help him strike back at Russia’s Nord Stream II natural gas pipeline.

He so far hasn’t adequately explained why we should worry more about natural gas abroad than Marxist nominees at home.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.