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Technology Changes. Our Rights Don’t

Leftists want you to believe that because the average person can shoot a larger number of rounds per minute now, if armed with certain weapons, than the average gun owner could when the Bill of Rights was drafted, you need to surrender your weapons in the name of public safety. They make various wild claims about “weapons of war,” “mass shootings,” and “assault rifles,” all of which make little sense, especially when viewed in the historical context.

And that historical context is highly important; at the time when the Bill of Rights was passed into law, the average citizen could own any weapon he desired, from a musket to a Kentucky long rifle to even a cannon.

In fact, citizens could (and did) raise their own “legions” in times of war to augment the forces of the republic and arm those legions with cannon and the best military hardware available.

On sea, privateers outfitted vessels that rivaled the US Navy in terms of armament and effectiveness and the government encouraged such activity by issuing letters of marque.

When modern leftists claim that the 2nd Amendment was never meant to permit citizens to own “weapons of war,” they’re showing their ignorance; it obviously was.

The Founders knew of privateers, private legions, and citizens owning rifles far more effective than the muskets used by the average soldier in the Continental Army. And they meant to preserve that right with the 2nd Amendment. Anyone who suggests otherwise is supremely ignorant.

But the arguments of the leftists aren’t only rooted in ignorance. They’re also rooted in the idea that our rights should change with the times, that because guns can now shoot faster they should be more regulated.

That’s ludicrous. Should speech be regulated because of the internet? Should cruel and unusual punishment be permitted because we’re no longer a Christian society? Should troops be quartered in your house because the military is larger now?

Obviously not. Those amendments are still seen as sacrosanct. So why should the 2nd Amendment now be done away with, simply because of changing technology? Technology changes. Our rights don’t.

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By: Gen Z Conservative.