Monday, May 17, 2021
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Team Biden Will Not Disavow Pedophilia. That Is Incredibly Concerning

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A Personal Experience: How I Know that Team Biden Will Not Disavow Pedophilia

This article on the fact that Team Biden will not disavow pedophilia will be much shorter than most recent articles. What happened to me is not a huge experience is barely noteworthy. However, given the recent news about the Democratic Party being on the side of pedophilia and helping to normalize it, along with SB 145 basically legalizing pedophilia, not to mention the general culture war situation, I thought a few texts I received from Team Biden were noteworthy. Here they are:

team biden will not disavow pedophilia
Team Biden Will Not Disavow Pedophilia
Team Biden Will Not Disavow Pedophilia

For those that don’t know, the picture included is one of Biden kissing a young girl on the lips. To avoid copyright issues, I won’t post it here, even though I think doing so would help show that Team Biden will not condemn pedophilia. However, for those that are interested, here’s the link to an article that includes it: link.

I fully admit I could have been more responsive and open-minded to “Megan” from the Biden Campaign. I could have just said “no thanks” or “STOP.” But where would be the fun in that? Would that be fighting the culture war as it is meant to be fought? Or would it be committing treason by holding back my opinion, which is that is it utterly sickening that Team Biden will not disavow pedophilia, even though Biden and his son have had creepy relations with underage girls? The answer is obvious. Even if somewhat juvenile, I think it’s important to show those people working for Biden just what type of person they are working for- one that kisses young girls on the lips.

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Also, on a far less important note, they got my name completely wrong. I don’t know where they got the name they sent, but it was totally inaccurate, showing that the Biden Campaign is full of soft-minded people on the same level as their candidate. So, not only is it true that Team Biden will not disavow pedophilia, but that campaign is also poorly run and can’t even get names correct.

But, in any case, I thought it would be more important to use that unexpected exchange to show the fact that Team Biden will not disavow pedophilia. What campaign person would not say “no, he will not sniff kids. That is a Republican lie.” to my first text, shutting that down for good. How on Earth could they not respond with a simple explanation to my second text and come up with at least some excuse for his creepy behavior? They had to know that if they did not, it would lead to me telling people that Team Biden will not disavow pedophilia. Why will the Biden Campaign not speak out against pedophilia?

I don’t have an answer. I just had to interact with the Biden Campaign because they texted me, quickly found out that Team Biden would not disavow pedophilia, and wanted to share that experience. If you have a theory about why the Biden Campaign seemingly supports, or is at least ambivalent about, pedophilia, please share it below!

Note: This conversation took place over a number of days, so the times in the screenshots are just happenstance and should not be considered when viewing the images. Additionally, because they got the name wrong, I covered it up. I wouldn’t want any uninvolved person to be adversely affected by this article.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. Of course they won’t disavow pedophilia. There are incriminating videos circulating of Hunter Biden engaging in it. It’s a family tradition.

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