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Heritage Poll: Over Half Of Teachers Who Have Heard Of CRT Support It

The Heritage Foundation has been spot on in the war against CRT. While some conservative and libertarian groups have insouciantly sat by and watched centers of education rot the mind of the American youth with critical theory nonsense, Heritage has stood up against the insanity of the left and worked to expose what’s happening. First, there was the in-depth report on where CRT is being taught, which found that thousands of schools have already adopted CRT into their programs. Now, even worse, Heritage found that over half of teachers who have heard of CRT support it.

Here’s what the poll found about the familiarity parents and teachers have with CRT and what their opinion of it is:

BG3626 Chart 6- teachers who have heard of CRT support it
  • “One-third of parents (35.0 percent) said they are familiar with CRT.
  • 43.3 percent of teachers said they are familiar.
  • A plurality of parents (39.8 percent) said they are unfamiliar, and 25 percent were unsure.”
BG3626 Chart 7
BG3626 Chart 8

“While six in 10 parents are neutral or unsure about CRT, 34 percent of parents (and 41.3 percent of teachers) support focusing civics education on CRT; 28.6 percent of Republican parents selected CRT, compared to 43.6 percent of Democratic parents, and those parents in the Western U.S. are most likely to have selected it as a focus compared to other regions (42.9 percent). Parents of public school children were less likely (34.7 percent) to have selected the focus of CRT than either charter school (48.7 percent) or private school (43.9 percent); homeschooling parents were least likely (26.3 percent) to select it.

When asked the degree to which CRT should be included in a civics curriculum rather than whether it should be a focus, half of parents (49.9 percent) and an even greater percentage of teachers (57.5 percent) said it should be included (providing scores of 6 or 7 on a 7-point scale).

Parents’ lack of familiarity with the term “Critical Race Theory” (only 35 percent of parents are familiar) combined with the willingness to select it as a focus (34 percent) and to deem it relevant (49.9 percent) suggests that this support could be based on other factors, perhaps a spirit of inclusiveness despite not knowing what the term means.”

Those results are shocking. CRT is a racist, Marxist theory meant to deconstruct the Western world, yet both parents and teachers that have heard of CRT support it.

Now, the result is (thankfully) lower for parents; only 34% thought that it should be the focus of civics education and that number is far smaller among Republicans and homeschoolers (although one wonders why ~30% of Republicans support such an anti-conservative ideology). That indicates that there is still a solid block of parents willing to fight CRT indoctrination, as we saw when one parent claimed that teaching it was abusing children.

But there is no such good news for teachers. Near 40% of teachers want to make it the focus of civics education and well over 50% (57.5%) were very enthusiastic about it being included.

That is shocking, dangerous, and bodes ill for America’s future. No nation can long survive if its youth are taught to hate it; how will America prosper in the future if its children are not taught about the glory of the Founders, our incredible victory in World War II, and our triumph over the Soviets, but are instead taught only about slavery, the Banana Wars, and Jim Crow? They’ll hate America rather than love it and teachers are to blame.

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Pull your kids out of public schools and homeschool them. Then start attending school board meetings to fight against CRT and demand that your representatives work to defund teacher unions. We can’t back down; over half of teachers who have heard of CRT support it.

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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