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Teachers Go Maskless While Students Stay Masked

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I apologize for the extended absence, I have been a bit pre-occupied over this way a bit. Let’s get to it.

So, the essential question today is “Does it feel good to be a gangster?”

Cover—mostly peaceful protest dance?

For an answer, we are going to lean on Desert Sands USD personnel. I would imagine forcing kids and adults to wear masks seven-plus hours a day, and virtue signaling by wearing their own mask, only to abandon all pretense and demonstrate that there is no deadly virus to be scared shitless about— as you indoctrinate students to believe—would qualify as gangster behavior. But that is just my “opinion”, maybe we have to agree to disagree here. In any case, let’s try to find an answer with primary documents (pictures) shall we?

The Desert Sands Educational Foundation, which does have its very own highly paid administrator at the district office as well as its own website, had a fundraiser last weekend. Just a week after Halloween—it is unknown if these people had any warnings for students to wear masks and social distance while trick-or-treating. We do know however, that the DSUSD requires masks inside and recommends them outside, but the CDC recommended small groups and to avoid parties—for kids, with a 99.997% Fauci Flu survival rate. It is unclear what exactly happened to “masks don’t work without social distancing”, according to the CDC as recently as April, 2021. Does “rules for thee and not for me” come into play at the DSUSD? That would be a bit gangsterish.

We learn from public social media posts that, well here, Document A.


Sounds fun! Buses! Hey DSUSD parents, do your kids have to wear a mask on a bus? Which of these pictures best reflect your child on a DSUSD bus?

Siouxland school buses still roll during coronavirus | State and regional |
Picture A—stock photo from google search


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Picture B. DSUSD on the bus

And sure, there are private citizens on the Educational Foundation Board and at this fundraising event, but there were also many high level DSUSD administrators—those responsible for implementing mask, vaccine, and testing policies. Additionally, we know vaccine status does not matter, the rule is mask up and keep your distance—how many of your children have been so induced by fear by these same people that they don their masks even when outside alone? Does that seem gangsterish?

The rest of our primary sources today are pictures, which are worth a thousand words they say. What do these pictures say?


Picture C. Greetings, no masks here.


Picture D—Greetings, have you seen my mask?


Picture E—mask bar?


Picture F—would they let your kids do this?


Picture G— Super Seconds?


Picture H. Booze kills the Fauci Flu?

Before we revisit the essential question, we should ask ourselves if this is the behavior exhibited during a deadly pandemic? Keep in mind that the vaccinated are not vaccinated in the traditional sense of the word, there is no immunity (and don’t bring up the CDC definition unless you also present the wayback machine version from three months ago). Keep in mind also that we know the vaccinated have a greater risk of catching the Fauci Flu, can carry an equal if not greater viral load than the unvaccinated, shed protein spikes, and have greater hospitalization rates. And, don’t forget that the CDC, FDA, and White House staff are exempt from any vaccine mandates.

So, what do you think? Does it feel good to be a gangster? Kind of like….

FOX 11 obtains exclusive photos of Gov. Newsom at French restaurant  allegedly not following COVID-19 protocols

I will end with a resource for both teachers and parents


—Kenny, From The Tavern


Be advised I do take the Lead Stories (Facebook “fact checkers”) approach to snarkers, trolls, and those that want to show their stunning intellect by quoting CNN or Lead Stories themselves.