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The Trump Tax Cuts Were Working Extremely Well at Reviving Prosperity


It should be obvious that tax cuts are good for all and that the tax cuts are working for America. If the government is taking less of your money then you have more of it to deploy in the economy by either spending or investing it.

Unfortunately, few liberals understand that. For some reason, they think wealth redistribution through sky-high taxes will make America a better place. Galbraith did a pretty good job of summarizing and expressing that viewpoint in The Affluent Society. However, they’re wrong; Trump’s tax cuts are working and are making America prosperous again.

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In a recent Washington Examiner article, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform penned an excellent explanation of why Trump’s tax cuts are working.

For those of you that don’t know, Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform are the group behind labeling the estate tax a “death tax.” They have been fighting for decades now to lift the tax burden, and Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is evidence of that success.

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The Article about Why the Trump Tax Cuts are Working:

First, Norquist describes what companies did after the tax cuts were passed and why those corporate actions show that the Trump tax cuts are working and are making America prosperous again:

“Immediately following passage of the GOP tax cuts, businesses large and small responded by giving pay raises, 401(k) increases, bonuses, and other employee benefits.

For instance, AT&T announced a $1,000 bonus for 200,000 U.S. employees, while Pfizer announced $100 million in bonuses to nonexecutive employees.

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Many small businesses did the same.”


Then, Norquist describes the specific ways in which American families can see the effects of Trump’s tax cuts. The tax cuts did not just affect corporations, despite what the far-left media might tell you. In reality, they have made life better for average Americans by putting thousands of hard-earned dollars back in their pockets. That stimulates the economy, makes life easier for the middle class and working class, and shows how Trump is using free-market capitalism to help all Americans. In fact, an average American family earning around $70,000 saw their tax bill drop 60%!

Next, Norquist points out that the tax cuts have already paid for themselves. While the Democrats and their media allies might pretend that the tax cuts have been hugely and irresponsibly expensive (as if the left has ever cared about spending and fiscal responsibility), the reality of the situation is that the tax cuts have stimulated the economy and paid for themselves. That is just another example of how the Trump tax cuts are working:

“Stronger economic growth has already “paid for” 80% of the costs of the tax cuts, according to nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates before and after the law was enacted.”

Finally, Norquist explains how Democrats want to raise taxes and Trump wants to lessen the tax burden even more; the Trump tax cuts are working, so cutting taxes even more would help America become even more prosperous:

“The Left wants to impose a government monopoly “Medicare for all” healthcare plan that would…require approximately $32 trillion in new taxes to finance.

It will inevitably require tax hikes on the middle class — a fact that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders frequently point out. In fact, draconian tax hikes on “the rich” would pay for no more than 30% of the cost of these plans, according to existing estimates.”

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After reading Norquist’s article, two things are immediately obvious.

First, it should be clear that the tax cuts are working and have resulted in a booming economy. That booming economy has helped lift all of the asset classes, delivering great returns for those who understand the importance of investing.

Additionally, the booming economy and great stock returns might help stave off the coming retirement crisis, which will be caused by Social Security’s unsustainability. So, in short, the tax cuts have helped boost the economy and stock market.

Secondly, it should be obvious that Democrats don’t see the value of tax cuts and instead want to dramatically increase taxes. They don’t understand the problem with welfare, so they want to confiscate our money to pay for ridiculous schemes like Medicare for All and “free” college.

And, to top it all off, those programs would be paid for by Elizabeth Warren’s unconstitutional wealth tax. So not only do Democrats not understand taxes, but they also don’t understand how to interpret the Constitution! Higher taxes are bad for the economy. That is a fact. So, it is important for us to defend the efficacy of the Trump tax cuts so that taxes are not raised to the absurd, sky-high rates that they were before the Trump tax cuts.

Americans should have low taxes that encourage innovation, hard work, and making more money. The Trump tax cuts are working because they have stimulated those things. Entrepreneurs are better off than ever. Businesses are able to build themselves up and thrive again. And, perhaps most importantly from the political perspective, the middle class is better off than ever. All three of those effects of the Trump tax cuts are facts. Liberals might pretend otherwise, but they are wrong. The Trump tax cuts are working.

Low taxes are crucial to the survival of America’s culture of innovation and always making the country more prosperous. In all periods of great economic growth, taxes have been low. Just think about the Gilded Age, when America became an industrial powerhouse. Were taxes high then? No, of course not. The government recognized that taxes need to be low for businesses small and large to thrive. The magic formula of economic success requires low taxes, as do the 5 pillars of prosperity.

Low taxes mean high investment and capex spending. Lower taxes mean higher wages and higher wage growth. And, perhaps most importantly, lower taxes mean that Americans have more of their right to the fruits of their labor respected. The Trump tax cuts are working because they mean that wages are going up, business investments are going up, the stock market is going up, and workers and investors can enjoy the fruits of their labor. To anyone who understands basic capitalist economics, that should come as no surprise.

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The Conclusion to Why the Trump Tax Cuts are Working

Would you rather be governed by someone who wants to take more or less of your money? I’d prefer the latter, as would most of America. That’s why Trump won, why he’s succeeding as President, and why he’ll win again in 2020. He’s embraced the magic formula of economic success– tax cuts and deregulation- and because of that, he’s unstoppable.

The Trump tax cuts are working and making America prosperous again. Now, we just need to defend them so that the Democrats cannot smother the prosperity created by the Trump tax cuts.

But, for prosperity to ensue, low taxes are not enough. They must be accompanied by lower government spending too. Government spending sucks up investment in a similar way to taxes; it is almost as destructive. So, now that we Republicans can see that the Trump tax cuts are working, we should fight to decrease government spending and start paying down the national debt. That is the next step on America’s road to continued prosperity.

We must cut the immoral and overly expensive welfare state, reign in government spending, and invest in the productive private sector rather than the wasteful government sector if we want America to continue to prosper. But still, the Trump tax cuts are working and are a good start.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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