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Afghan Collapse Under Taliban Terror, Emblematic of a Future Apocalypse?

When watching the horror of the reports coming out of Afghanistan, this author’s thoughts make one think of an emblematic Apocalypse occurring in Afghanistan. After 20 years of thinking that Afghanistan was supposed to be an emerging new democratic country with a bright future. It all ends in tears. Some, however, knew this was all a lie.

Imagine a young man or young woman that is 20-years old living in Kabul, not knowing anything else in their lives – hearing of the coming terror about to fall upon them. Perhaps they have come from a more well-off family going to university living a more Western-style lifestyle. This family will be targeted; the family may lose their home and may not even survive.

The young woman needs to immediately purchase and wear the “correct” Islamic clothes required and hide – the alternative is unthinkable. The young man may have thought to have a good career ahead and marriage in a somewhat free society. This all ends, and their lives are about to change dramatically.

It is an Afghan Apocalypse.

The methods of the Taliban are like from the Middle Ages. Several brave journalists have recorded in Herat in the west of the country how men accused of theft are being led through the streets. With nooses around the neck. Surrounded by heavily armed terrorists. The faces were black, smeared with tar from the Taliban – see featured photo.

The Taliban rolled over Afghanistan at lightning speed and began to torture their victims in the conquered areas. New reports show once again how cruelly the terror regime is behaving. For some, the flight is on – for most, however, in vain.

Take a quick pictorial tour that merely gives one a glimpse of what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan.

In dicey negotiations with local warlords, the Taliban strength grows – convincing with sticks and carrots to join their forces. But this can be a dubious strategy for some, one was caught with alcohol, and it ended badly.

Taliban fighters have invaded the palatial home of a top Afghan warlord and a US ally. The Taliban videoed themselves lounging on his gold furniture and inspecting his golden tea set – as their advance closes on capital Kabul amid a scramble to get Westerners out.

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As the Taliban sweeps through Afghanistan, like many of the conquerors of the past, they rape and pillage the innocent populations that lay in their paths.

Hearing of the terror coming, many in the capital Kabul are desperate to flee what they know is inevitable if they should stay.

Perhaps even having a rare visa to get out of Afghanistan will do one no good. Can you even get to the airport, much less even getting a ticket on an international airline in search of escape.

The events on the ground are fluid and as of this posting evidently, the president of Afghanistan has fled and the Taliban are firmly in charge – they claim they will give safe passage for foreign embassy personnel – others not so sure. Those that could get to the airport are waiting for a plane to get out – a few planes have gotten out.

Though Afghanistan is not a rich country, the run for any money in any currency is on. The money might mean life or death. The money can be used to bribe a potential low-level Taliban authority to bypass your house as they seek revenge on the people of Kabul.

Perhaps many in the Kabul prisons were mere political prisoners of the Taliban. The released prisoners will just add to the ranks of the Taliban to reek even more havoc on the people of Kabul. The rest will create chaos on the streets, seizing the opportunity to profit on the innocent.

In a panic move, President Biden authorized the rapid deployment of 6,000 troops to Afghanistan amid a US pullout that has emboldened the Taliban to take over multiple cities. Biden desperately wants to avoid a “Saigon” moment, or worst yet, an Iranian-like hostage situation to unfold. Taliban fighters entered the outskirts of Kabul, with a spokesman for the terror organization saying they were expecting a “peaceful transfer” of Afghanistan’s capital city to their control.

Would you trust a terrorist?

Is history repeating itself? Click on the following 3-second clip, you can see the striking similarities.

As many of us living in our so-called modern Western countries sit in our comfortable homes watching with horror the events occurring in Afghanistan, one wonders if we could ever experience these kind events in our future. You might say, “Nah … never. We are too smart for this.”

And yet, perhaps many of us have forgotten what it took to build such a society – and how quickly we can give up the tools that would keep it. Consider the following sonnet-like prophesy.

Apocalypse? The time of the end? Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge and their 401Ks shall be increased. All, both small and great, rich and poor, free and not free, will receive a mark; a QR Code tattooed on your right hand or spike proteins in your foreheads; So that no one might buy or sell, save those that had the mark, the QR code, the spike proteins, of the database number of your vaccine passport, signifying your surrender to the New World Order. And then the end comes.

Now, where could this author get such a crazy idea from?

It is shameful that the world’s most powerful military in all of history is putting on such a display for the whole world to see. What are our enemies, much less our allies thinking?

Take a moment to read about just how badly Biden’s Pentagon and State Department botched this entire transition which feels indicative of a setup.

“In the wake of President Biden’s withdrawal decision, the U.S. pulled its air support, intelligence, and contractors servicing Afghanistan’s planes and helicopters. That meant the Afghan military simply couldn’t operate anymore. The same happened with another failed American effort, the South Vietnamese army in the 1970s, said retired Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, who commanded the U.S.-led coalition’s mission to train Afghan forces in 2011-2013.”

How does this picture instill confidence in America’s leadership and competency in Foreign Policy affairs? An isolated and cognitively impaired old man at Camp David amid a crisis sits at a table with no advisers talking to a screen?

Heads need to roll at the Pentagon, the elite intelligence agencies, and in our foreign policy think tanks. As President Biden vacations, he begs the Taliban for the US embassy as CRT-driven Generals lose a war. With the leadership we see in America today, one wonders if this emblematic Afghan Apocalypse could not happen in our own neighborhoods one day.

 RWR original article syndication source.