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A Call to Action

By: Donovan Corzo of Mixed Texan Politics

The time has come, my friends. We have entered onto a path that could lead to the point of no return. Dan Bongino really struck a chord with me this week. While he usually does strike some sort of chord, there has been an alarming tone to his voice as of late.

But, it especially hit home when he played a clip of Mark Levin (link at the bottom to that video) calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden for him extending the eviction moratorium. Biden completely ignored the Supreme Court on that issue and is allowing thousands of illegal immigrants across the border, many whom are infected with Covid.

I think it is pretty obvious that we have a man in office who will do nothing to protect the American people and is deliberately ignoring the rule of law.

Every freedom-loving American who wants the rule of law upheld needs to be outraged at what is going on. We are only 7 months into the Biden era and this is the most rapid decline of America I’ve seen in my life (33).

We are facing a crime surge, border crisis, inflation, the push for vaccine passports, the indoctrination of our military, critical race theory, the Covid fear campaign, anti-Semitism, the outright hatred for conservatives, defund the police movement, and attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendment.

These problems didn’t just spring up overnight but it is in our faces now and there is no hiding from it.

The Time is Now

It’s not enough to just read this article or be informed. It’s time to take action or you will wake up one day wondering what you could have done to preserve America. It’s easy to hope that others do the heavy lifting and think everything will balance out.

What kind of country do you want to live in? What kind of country do you want to leave to your children when you are gone or can no longer protect them from the world? Do you enjoy liberty and freedom or a totalitarian state where the government controls every aspect of your life?

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The reason Cubans are in the streets holding USA flags is that it is a symbol of freedom that we who live here should all be proud of.

If you want to continue to be that beacon of hope, then it’s time to stand up.

What Can You Do?

Voting. This is the most important one but it isn’t enough to get up and vote every two or four years and hope your candidate wins. Get out there and volunteer for candidates who align with your views and have your state’s and the county’s best interest. I did it for Ted Cruz in 2018 and Beth Van Duyne in 2020.

Email or call your Senator or Congressperson to support legislation you want to see passed or just voice your concern. I’ve done this multiple times, even to those who aren’t even in my state. Heck, I even called the Supreme Court at midnight and got an answer.

Peacefully protest when you see fit. After the 2020 election and the mail-in ballot scheme along with the statistical anomalies, I was in the streets of my city protesting to get to the bottom of it with about 300-400 other patriots. We didn’t burn any buildings, smash any windows or even block traffic. We marched up and down the Main Street area and made our voices heard.

Get involved in local elections. Just this past March I sat in on interviews and even asked my own questions to the mayor and city council candidates. In the end, every candidate my group endorsed, won. All of which were the most conservative people running.

Donating to candidates is another good way to take action. Even if it’s just $5, a little goes a long way and they don’t even have to be in your district or state. Vernon Jones running for governor of Georgia is one I’ve donated to.

Get the word out by starting your own website, podcast, or Rumble/YouTube channel.

It’s not always easy to get out of your routine and speak up or act on behalf of the country, but take a few minutes and write an email, make a phone call, get 5 others to do the same and it will go a long way.

Final words

Everyone who reads this article: write your Congressperson and Senator to get the discussion going to impeach Joe Biden. Enough is enough, too much damage has been done in such a little amount of time. Joe Biden is not protecting the American people and is making his own decisions regardless of what the law says.

We will get Kamala in his place, but like Bongino said, it will send a message to the world that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in America.

I hope you do the right thing and do not stand idle.