Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Tag: oligarchy

Americans Must Fight the Anti-American Oligarchy

We Must Fight Against the Radically Un-American Oligarchy and All of Its Forms Trump exposed the corrupt media and the Deep State, shined a light...

It Looks Like the CTCL and Zuckerberg Broke Election Laws

Important News: It's Possible that Zuckerberg Broke Election Laws The oligarchy does what it can to protect its own. When the Reddit crowd fought the...

Build Back Better: Catchphrase of the Great Reset

The Elite Is Saying It Wants to "Build Back Better." It Really Wants to Transform America If you read books like How to Destroy America...

The Oligarchy Strikes Back: Hedge Funds Cash in on Corruption to Save Their Hides

The Oligarchy Used Corporatism to Counter-Attack Well, it couldn't last forever. Amateur day traders, as I wrote about in my article on the populist revolt,...

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