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Meme: Surrender Your Blasters

Slow Joe recently announced that Americans shouldn’t mind having to surrender their AR-15s as part of his radical gun control policies because those guns would be useless in a fight with a government that has nukes and F-15s.

There’s a lot there.

For one, if the government is threatening to drop a hydrogen bomb on dissenters, it’s probably time to arm up. At the very least, it’s better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees and, if Slow Joe looks up from Golden Girls re-runs long enough to press the red button and launch a missile at me, I at least want to die like a man, only going down when surrounded by a voluminous pile of expended brass; I expect many others feel the same way.

The second, more pressing, problem for Emperor “Eating Oatmeal with a Fork” is that America’s armed forces aren’t filled with Palpatine’s stormtroopers. Sure, the top brass is more than willing to go along with Democrat nonsense, as General Milley showed us recently, but the average soldier, sailor, airman, or marine isn’t some woke drone that would shoot patriots for daring to defend their constitutional rights. Rather, most of the enlisted are pretty conservative and would likely turn their guns on the tyrants rather than shoot their fellow patriots.

And, finally, it’s never the good guys that support gun control. It’s the Hitlers, Stalins, and Maos of history that confiscate guns, always as a prelude to some evil campaign of mass murder. Men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, however, ensure that citizens are armed. The pinko leftists are showing themselves to be just as tyranny-minded as the reds they hope to emulate with this renewed push for gun control.

So, all that being said, don’t surrender your blasters to Emperor Senility. He and his handlers want to use gun control to control you; don’t let them.

By: Gen Z Conservative



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