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If you’re a reader of the site and would like to help support it, here are the ways in which you can do so:

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BEST WAY TO SUPPORT THE SITE: Create a Patreon account and use it to become a monthly supporter of the site on a platform that is quite easy to use. Also, by becoming a monthly Patron donor at any of the donorship tiers I’ve created, you can ask me questions that you’d like for me to start answering in weekly blog posts or even articles! Become a Patron and support a young conservative here: The Patreon Donation Link

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Leave a tip via PayPal! This one is the easiest and most helpful. Using the button below, you can leave a one time tip or a monthly one to help me keep the site running well:

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Any and all of the above points are great ways to help the site! I use the funds from it to market it, add new features, and pay for existing maintenance, so I’d really appreciate support of any kind!

By: Gen Z Conservative