October 17, 2020

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We Must Remember to Support our Troops and Their Families


In my opinion, some issues are more important than others. Abortion/eugenics, autism awareness, anti-socialism, and cancel culture being some. Another is respecting and supporting our troops. Veterans hold a special place in my heart. I’m grateful to those who served this country. On Memorial Day, we should remember those who paid the ultimate price in serving this country.

Note: This post on why we Americans must remember to support our troops is a guest article by a young conservative who has written previous guest articles for the site, such as a recent one on the differences between how Florida and New York have handled the Chinese Flu. -Gen Z Conservative

Why You Should Remember to Support our Troops

“And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.” While we’re enjoying our normal lives of getting Starbucks or watching Netflix or being with our family, these brave men and women are out fighting to defend our freedoms.

I actually wrote about appreciating our veterans on my blog. I’ve been raised to respect and support our troops. Not blindly, of course (I don’t agree politically with all veterans), but to remember the sacrifice many have made. Not just the men and women who serve, but the impact it has on anyone around them.

Often times, we forget about the wives, husbands, children, mother, or father who lose a loved one. I can’t imagine that fear and worry. Not only am I grateful to our veterans, but I’m grateful to their families. That remembrance is an important way to support our troops.

Remembering those who died protecting our country shouldn’t only be remembered one day. We should be grateful daily. I can’t begin to explain how annoyed I get when I see people disrespecting the flag, because that’s basically spitting on the graves of those who died. Or when I see people openly disrespect our troops. That needs to change.

If I see those booths to write a letter to our troops, or I can donate to charities related to our armed forces, I always participate. Most Leftists state the armed forces are “evil murderers.” It’s not shocking since most veterans tend to be more Right-leaning, which also isn’t shocking because let’s look at who is sending funds to illegal immigrants and Planned Parenthood rather than our homeless veterans. Kristen, one of my interviewees, said “That’s why I support President Trump. He cares and respects our military, unlike the previous administration.”

To give a more personal perspective, I spoke with some people to ask them what Memorial Day means to them.

Gavin Rollins is a Captain of the Florida National Guard. He’s running for Congress. I previously interviewed him. Be sure to like him on Facebook! He said, “As we pause and reflect on our brothers and sisters in arms who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, we say thank you. They gave up all their tomorrows for this great nation. It’s also a reminder for us to renew our commitment to preserve the freedom they died defending.”

Elizabeth and her husband serve in the Army. She and I have taken classes at UF together, which was a catalyst for my desire to ensure that Americans support our troops.

She said, “Memorial Day is special to us for remembering. Probably different than regular Americans. we have lost friends. I remember being stationed in Italy. My kids were 7 and 4. My hubby got orders to deploy to Iraq. As a young mom, I was terrified. He saw a lot and we lost friends. One named Kyle, my hubby actually held his neck while he bled out, and he says he still tastes iron from doing CPR. It’s hard to look back, but this weekend we celebrate their bravery and love for this country.”

remembering veteran families

Kristen Roberts was married to a military man, but lost her husband in Afghanistan. She says, “Memorial Day is not a holiday as people make it out to be. It’s a day of remembrance. There’s nothing to be happy about. Thankful about? Yes. Happy about? Not so much. I prefer to wish people a ‘Blessed Memorial Day’ rather than Happy Memorial Day. All flags should be at half-staff as a sign that Americans remember and support our troops.

When you leave a war, you’re still fighting another war. Other military spouses know the struggle. Don’t expect anything for free. Go and work for what you want. What you have to understand is when you marry a military person, you marry into the military. Everyone there becomes your family.

The day I got that knock, it changed me forever. I cry or get reminiscent when I talk about my late husband. I never backed down, even when he was out on deployment. I would wait until he got home. When he said he’s going to Afghanistan he told me he didn’t know if he was coming home. I told him he was coming home, and said I loved him. When David died, my husband was a captain. He left a daughter who’s your age now.  

Despite what happened, even the battle I have with PTSD I from losing my husband, I wouldn’t change what happened. Learn to enjoy life. You don’t want to miss that phone call, video chat, or anything. It takes a special person to be a military spouse. Don’t take advantage of what you have or what others have done for you. Our boys are in a war they didn’t ask for, but we should remember their brave fight. Don’t miss anything in life. Memorial Day should be remembered every day. Take three seconds to remember and thank those who aren’t here anymore.”


Remembering those who gave their life for us should be in our mind daily. It’s the least we can do. Hearing Kristen’s story really broke my heart. In the enjoyment of being with family and having some barbecue, be sure to remember what we’re celebrating. Honor the men and women who died, so we could enjoy our freedom and our life. Support our troops.

By: Young Patriot Rising

My blog: http://youngpatriotrising.blogspot.com/. Add me on Twitter @HannahRose2046. I also got the hat pictured above at a local store in the mall! I was buying a Trump 2020 hat originally, but I had to have this one, and asked the cashier to switch them.

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