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Shop Your Values: Ditch Amazon and Support Its Conservative Alternative, Conservative Economy

One leftist company that has risen above all the others, perhaps with the exception of Facebook, is Amazon. Led by Jeff Bezos, a committed leftist that owns the Washington Post and has pushed it ever leftward, Amazon is not only a monopoly, but a company acting to crush conservatism. It banned Parler from its servers, has censored conservative books, and funds various leftist causes. It’s time to ditch it to the extent that doing so is possible and support its conservative alternative, Conservative Economy.

Now, let me say that while I am very far to the right and support boycotts of every leftists company, I’m not delusional. Facebook and Twitter, while they should be boycotted, probably can’t be. There are no good alternatives (Parler is a dumpster fire now and Gettr has nowhere near the reach of Twitter, Facebook has no competition) for conservatives that want to fight the culture war by sharing information that hurts the left. It might be distasteful to utilize the services of those horrid companies, but use them we must if we hope to win.

Not so with Amazon.

Amazon AWS, its main moneymaker, has plenty of alternatives. For those that want to host websites, there are a wide variety of alternatives, most of which are quite good. I recommend Digital Ocean.

Amazon marketplace, the main Amazon product that everyone seems to be using, has plenty of alternatives. Use Teespring to order conservative gear, or, better yet, shop for it on the sites that actually create it, such as I Love My Freedom.

If you want other products- workout gear, clothing, electronics, etc.- buy it from Conservative Economy, Amazon’s conservative alternative. It’s all available. It’s all high-quality. It’s the same stuff you’d get from Amazon. The only difference is that when you order that shirt, those earbuds, or that pillow (hopefully a MyPillow), your dollars will fund a conservative business and conservative causes. You won’t be funding a company that hates you, you’ll be funding one that views you as an honorable, patriotic American.

The same is true of every other Amazon service. ClearMobile is building home assistants like Alexa and PrimeVideo can be replaced by pretty much every other steaming or movie rental service, for example. Ditch Amazon. Support conservative businesses.

The one exception, as I see it, is Amazon’s bookselling service. While it did ban one conservative book, When Harry Became Sally, it has otherwise stayed out of politics. It has published books from a multitude of conservative authors that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to publish their works, has an immense collection of books that you won’t be able to find at your local bookstore, and does a good job of getting what you order to you in a timely manner. If an alternative arises, I’ll gladly use it, but nothing has come close so far.

The biggest problem the conservative movement faces is that it’s either unwilling to do what is necessary or is unreasonable. Now’s the time to do something that is both reasonable and possible. With the (temporary) exception of its book service, try to ditch Amazon. Support its conservative competitors, namely Conservative Economy. If you do so, you’ll be fighting for your values by starving your enemies of cash.

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Let’s fight back in the easiest way possible; just shop somewhere else.

Click here to shop on Conservative Economy, the conservative alternative to Amazon!

By: Gen Z Conservative