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A Suicide Bombing Was Allowed to Happen Because A Guard Feared Accusations of Racism

Political correctness is killing the West. Citizens of once-proud nations, the former builders of the great empires of Western Civilization, are terrorized by Mohammedans that wreak bloody havoc upon the prostrate states of Europe.

Rapes go unreported and unpunished in Britain because dealing with Pakistani rape gangs is considered “racist.” Sweden has become a no-go zone, full of terror and mayhem. Priests are beheaded by Muslims in France as concerts are shot up and entire neighborhoods are shut off from Western eyes and justice. The blood-drenched sabers of Islam have gutted Christendom.

A disgusting story, related to the massacre of Europeans at the hands of Islamists, is that a suicide bombing was allowed to happen because guards feared accusations of racism.

That’s right. The Manchester Arena bombing of May 2017, in which 22 pop fans were killed, happened not because of the covert operations talent of the armies of Islam, but because of Western weakness. An inquiry into that wretched attack, highlighted and reported on by Spiked Online, found that guards were suspicious of the bomber, Salman Abedi, but declined to stop him because they feared being called “racists.”

Here’s what the report found:

“A further opportunity for Mohammed Agha to respond to Christopher Wild’s
concern presented itself at 22:22. Kyle Lawler, another Showsec employee,
walked across the City Room and was called over by Mohammed Agha.
Unlike Mohammed Agha, Kyle Lawler had a radio. Mohammed Agha told him
what Christopher Wild had said and they both said that they then went to look
at SA. Kyle Lawler stated that at first he was not suspicious about SA but he did
think there was something wrong. He said that SA appeared to have a slightly
nervous reaction to being looked at and seemed fidgety. Kyle Lawler felt conflicted about what to do as he had heard nothing of any potential attack.
He stated he was fearful of being branded a racist and would be in trouble if he
got it wrong….

…He also said that his concern was not focused on David Middleton [a supervisor] but more generally that he might be accused of racism”

And, to be clear, Salman Abedi was not an innocuous-looking man who happened to blow himself up. As Spiked points out:

“Abedi was in the arena for more than an hour and a half before he detonated his bomb. He arrived at 20.51 and blew himself up at 22.31, as the concert attendees started to leave. In that time, this young man with a massive rucksack was seen by numerous people. He was described by some of them as ‘nervous’ and ‘fidgety’. He looked out of place – his age ‘meant that he did not fit the demographic of a parent waiting for a child’…yet… the message didn’t get through that there was a fidgeting, agitated man with a bulging rucksack hanging around for 90 minutes at the exit area of a venue that was largely packed with children and teenagers.”

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Because a guard was worried about being called a racist, almost two-dozen people were killed by an Islamic terrorist.

The question Spiked raises regarding that revelation that a suicide bombing was allowed to happen because a guard feared accusations of racism may seem like an obvious one, but is still worth asking and answering:

“Is it possible that the fear of being thought of as racist is screwing up everyday life, and even hindering sensible action in threatening situations?”

The answer is YES! Political correctness, fears of racism, and other side-effects of the virus of wokism are destroying our lives and our national security.

The above attack happened to the Brits, but who in America thinks that it couldn’t happen here? After years of anti-racism training, riots when people of color are shot (justly or unjustly), and constant doxing and cancellation of anyone even accused of racism, it’s more likely than not that a guard in America would do the same!

Such is further proof that ours is a civilization weltering in its final death throes. We’ve allowed savages to infiltrate our nations, and in fact even invited them in, much as Valens invited the Goths into the Roman Empire, and are paying the price for it. Because we have neither the martial vigor nor inclination to deal with the problem, not to mention the societal will to defeat the enemy, such attacks will continue to happen.

The only solution is to recover our pride as Westerners, much as the Poles and Hungarians have done, and stand up to the Islamist invaders. We must ensure that future generations are made of sterner stuff than the weak “leaders” that have allowed this to happen.

The solution is to deal with enemies of civilization as Roland and the Cid dealt with them: with the sword. If they will not submit to our laws, customs, and culture, then they should be unwelcome.

There was a time when that was common sense (something the left doesn’t have anymore).

The British Empire outlawed slavery in its territories, knowing that evil trade to be morally reprehensible. Similarly, it banned the Indian practice of burning widows alive. As recounted in The Last Lion, when pirates rebelled on an island in the Mediterranean, a British captain disembarked from his frigate and told them that they were savages and that the “Great Mother” (Queen Victoria) would not tolerate their barbaric behavior. They backed down; civilization conquered barbarity and all were better off because of it.

In each of those cases, the proud Brits did what was right now what would appease the cultural tastes of their less civilized subjects. The West must recover that spirit and fight to preserve itself. We can’t allow attacks out of the fear doing so is “racist.”

By: Gen Z Conservative