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Watch: Students Walk-Out of Schools Across America in Protest of Mask Mandates

Students have been forced to suffer the brunt of the Covid regulations for far, far too long. Though many of them weren’t also the hard-working Americans that lost their jobs in the name of keeping corporate profits high during the Covid pandemic, though many suffered that too, college and K-12 students across America have had to put up with insane restrictions for years now.

All the aspects of school that are somewhat tolerable, from parties with friends on weekends to even just hanging out with friends during lunch or after school, have been wrecked. Classes have been moved to Zoom, those that are still in person often require masks, teachers are absolute Nazis about the face diapers, and the pandemic gave the left cover for pushing CRT on schoolkids.

Further, all the other little things that make life meaningful for young people have been whacked with the sledgehammers of petty tyrants. Sports schedules have been wrecked, fraternity and sorority events canceled, and extracurriculars cut by blue-haired administrators.

But worst of all that, for many students, has been the mask mandates. Having to sit around all day and listen to some idiot ramble on about her pronouns (or whatever it is the cat ladies(?) that teach classes now prattle on about) is bad enough. Doing it while wearing an uncomfortable, scratchy mask is even worse.

So, students are stepping up by stepping out. Of the classroom, that is. Tired of obeying the tyrannical diktats of their obese administrators, they’re protesting the rules by marching out of class and demanding that the schools nix the mandates, with one such walk out in Chicago going viral. Watch it here:

They also posted a statement on social media, explaining their protest:

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Reporting on that protest, the Daily Mail noted that:

Frustrated Chicago-area students walked out of school Monday after being told they were required to wear masks to attend class, despite an Illinois judge having issued a temporary restraining order against the governor’s statewide school mask mandate.

The maskless Vernon Hills High School students were denied entry into classrooms and escorted into the gymnasium, where they were instructed to either mask up, leave school and have a parent report the absence, or work on classwork isolated in the gym.

Video of the protest shows a throng of students exiting the gym before walking out the school’s front doors where they are met with applause and positive remarks including: ‘Good job, way to stand up for yourselves.‘”

Another group of students at a different school protested in the opposite way. They went to school, but refused to put on masks when doing so:

America’s students are sick and tired of the petty tyranny of the left. Having woken up to the fact that there is power in unified, direct action taken against such tyrants, that a few sniveling bureaucrats can’t crush the unified will of hundreds, they’re flexing their power and standing up to tyrannical administrators. Good!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.