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Stop The Leftist Plot To Steal America

What the Democrats have sought, starting years before, is to usurp legitimate governing power and, in broad daylight, engineer a near bloodless coup against the U.S.

Every coup participant must be identified, including governors, senators and congressional representatives, secretaries of states, board of election officials, precinct captains, poll workers, and perhaps poll volunteers.

Unless every single fraud participant, on every level, is outed, we are prone to such criminality in the 2022 midterms, the 2024 presidential election, and beyond. Our republic, our form of representative democracy, simply cannot stand if it is going to be undermined from within and the perpetrators continue to operate freely.

Click on this link for the entire story. From Right Wire Report


1 thought on “Stop The Leftist Plot To Steal America”

  1. I am a senior citizen. If the Good Lord came to me tonight and offered to make me 21 years old again now, in 2021, I’d have to respectfully decline. I don’t want to live my life in the America the left has planned for us.

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