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States with Restrictive Gun Laws

My Thoughts:

I hope you found the above graphic about states with restrictive gun laws useful and informative. Although I disagree with the “military-style weapons” portion of the title, I do think that it is a useful way of seeing which states recognize that AR 15s are protected by the 2nd Amendment and which ones don’t.

So, in case you can’t see them clearly on the image, the states that have banned so-called “assault weapons” are California (of course), Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

I think that the map shows two things, one good and one bad. The good thing is that it shows Federalism is still alive in some respect. Whether you like or hate the assault weapons bans in those states, they are good in the respect that states are still making their own laws rather than abdicating that role entirely to the federal government. Although I do think the laws are unconstitutional, I think they are good in the respect that the states are standing up for themselves and passing laws that fit with the general beliefs of their citizens. Because while there are conservatives in California, it is true that a large proportion of the state probably supports those weapon bans.

The negative thing shown by the map of states with restrictive gun laws is that so many states have fallen for the absolute lies of the gun control lobby. It’s as if they haven’t even tried to dig into the data on gun violence in the US. If they had done so, they’d know that death by assault weapon is rare and that anyone who says otherwise is just spreading gun control lies about rifles. Furthermore, even if they believe those lies, all gun control is unconstitutional. The 2nd Amendment says “shall not be infringed” for a reason.

Hopefully, you now know which states have restrictive gun laws. Those are the states to avoid.

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