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6 Ways You Can Stand Up to Big Tech

Big Tech has taken over a larger and larger share of American public life. Whether you want to make your voice heard online, share photos with friends and family, spread a message through email, or even just order the products you’d like to order online, doing so has become harder, much harder, thanks to the actions of the Tech tyrants.

Twitter, especially under its new CEO, seems to be taking a harder stance on conservative thought, punishing dissent with swift and severe bans or suspensions.

Amazon has kicked off books such as When Harry Became Sally for not toeing the woke line, while also taking action to destroy Parler, as when saw when Amazon suddenly kicked Parler off its servers in January.

Apple is now scanning photos, ostensibly to root out those sharing child porn; that might be a noble goal in theory, but, when viewed in the context of left-leaning censorship, is scary. How soon till they scan and fact-check memes, as Facebook already does?

Speaking of which, Facebook is still largely the best of the bunch, with its censorship at least generally confined to fighting actual misinformation. But still, the leftist bias is there, especially if you’re sharing opinion pieces rather than news.

So, what’s a conservative to do? From your phone itself to your social media platforms, the Big Tech titans are tightening their vise-like grip on your neck, just waiting to squeeze when Brandon commands. Fortunately, their attacks on liberty came too late. With the exception of Facebook, which has no real competitor, there are very workable alternatives to the Big Tech problem.

Fix #1: Ditch Twitter for the Conservative Alternatives

This is probably the easiest way to fight the worst of the Big Tech tyrants, Twitter.

It’s not a great platform, is struggling to make money, and acts like Stalin in slapping suspensions on wrongthinkers, especially with the new CEO in charge.

So, just ditch it. If you’re the content-creator type, other platforms–email, Facebook, Parler, etc.– are far more useful.

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If you just want to make your voice heard, that can be done just as well, if not better, on Gab, Parler, or Gettr, none of which will ban you for wrongthink. Just make the switch and leave Parag Agrawal the censorship-loving tyrant in the rearview mirror.

Fix #2: Ditch Apple/Samsung and Get a FreedomPhone or ClearPhone

What most don’t know is that practically every smartphone uses Big Tech iOS. Your Apple iPhone, obviously, uses Appel’s operating system, and practically all of the alternatives use Google’s operating system.

While that used to be fine, it’s no longer tenable, as we saw when Google and Apple prevented downloading Parler, when Apple announced that it’s reading our text messages, or when Apple announced its deal with the red devil (China).

So, now we have to get away from those Big Tech phones and operating systems. But how can one do so? Avoiding smartphones sounds great, but it’s hardly possible in the modern day.

That means you need to buy a phone that won’t spy on you or censor you. Luckily, there are two- FreedomPhone and ClearPhone. I highly recommend you check out both; they’re the solution to our Big Tech iOS problem, as both use their own iOS and are committed to free speech.

Fix #3: Ditch Google for DuckDuckGo

This might be the simplest and most efficacious of the anti-Big Tech switches you can make. Instead of using Google, use DuckDuckGo.

Why? Not because Microsoft, which owns DuckDuckGo, is much better than Google as a company. Except in one way, that is; DuckDuckGo doesn’t censor results in the same way Google does.

You see, when Google loads search results, they’re highly curated to present one side of things. Conservative results are often hidden, with some suspecting that Google has shifted millions of votes to the left with how it loads content.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t do that. Instead, it just loads the results. Thus, by using it, and convincing friends and family to do the same, you’ll help support conservative content creators and stand up to Google, finding the results it wants to hide.

Fix #4: Order Books and Other Products from Real Stores, not Amazon

Amazon might be the hardest to ditch, simply because it’s such a good service. As capitalists, it’s hard not being impressed with the service Bezos created.

But still, when you shop on Amazon, your dollars end up being used to fund leftist causes.

So just don’t shop there, hard as it might be. Order books from sites like BetterWorldBooks or pick them up at your local bookstore. If you need workout equipment, kitchenware, or anything else, buy it from a small business near you. Cancel your Prime subscription and buy goods from anywhere other than Amazon whenever possible.

Fix #5: Use Equal Weight Index Funds to Invest

Want to invest for retirement while funding Big Tech companies to the lowest extent possible?

Well, try to switch away from market-cap-focused index funds to equal-weight index funds.

You see, the Tech Titans have been highly successful, so their huge companies have larger market caps. Thus, when you invest in traditional index funds, more of your dollars flow to their stock, which pushes their stock prices higher. But we don’t want to do that.

So, if you switch to equal weight funds, far fewer of your dollars will flow toward buoying tech stocks. It’s a simple change that’ll cost them a lot of money while keeping you invested.

Fix #6: Just Turn Off the Electronics

The best way to fight Big Tech, and this should go without saying, is to simply turn off electronics.

Instead of logging in to Facebook or Twitter or Google, have a real conversation. Instead of watching something on Prime, read a physical book or go outside. Instead of spending time on the Metaverse, go fishing or hunting. The less time you spend on their products, the less they make. It’s that simple.

Hope these help! Together we can take down the tech titans, one small step or switch at a time.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.