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“Stacey Abrams Is A Shameless Buffoon”, “She Should Go Back to Writing Romance Novels”: WATCH Comedian Hilariously Skewer Stacey Abrams

Comedian and radio host Jimmy Failla just appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered” and, speaking about Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and her recent claim that the heartbeats of fetuses are “manufactured”, called her a “clown” that should leave politics behind and “go back to writing romance novels.”

He posted a clip of that on Twitter, sharing the video and captioning it by saying “Stacy Abrams is a shameless buffoon and her patently false comments on Fetal Heartbeats are DISGUSTING. My latest with the Super Star Ladies of @OutnumberedFNC“. Watch him here:

As you can hear in the video, Failla, blasting Abrams for her recent comments on fetal heartbeats and abortion, said:

She is in bad spot which is why she’s saying such ridiculous things. And let me be clear — I don’t have a medical background but I heard the heartbeat also … We have one kid, and I went to the prenatal visit when Maury Povich said it was my baby, I was like, all right, I guess I gotta go … But it’s a real thing.

“What you just said about the polling is the crux of the whole thing, she needs to make this race close enough so she can lose in a way that allows her to claim it was stolen.

Continuing, he jokes that she should just go back to writing romance novels rather than running for office, saying:

She knows she’s not going to win, and she doesn’t want to govern. She can’t be relevant without playing a professional victim. That has been the grift of Stacey Abrams this whole time. She has made so much money going out there and saying it was stolen, the vote was suppressed, never mind how mad people have gotten at President Trump for challenging Georgia.

“Stacey Abrams lost by five times as many votes in Georgia as Donald Trump did, and we’ve tolerated her introducing herself as the rightful governor of Georgia. She’s never conceded. Stacey Abrams is a clown, and she should just go back to writing romance novels. She actually wrote one where the couple breaks up at the end, but the woman wouldn’t concede so they had to keep going.”

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As background, Abrams recently claimed that fetal heartbeats are “manufactured” by people wanting to ban abortion, saying:

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

Her comments were torn into by many on the right, not just Failla. Sen. Dr. Roger Marshall, for example, a Republican from Kansas who is an OB-GYN and also a member of the GOP Doctors Caucus (and thus quite well qualified to comment on the issue of fetal heartbeats, or at least better qualified than Stacey Abrams), said:

“Hi, OBGYN here, unlike Stacey Abrams. This is factually incorrect. There’s no man behind the curtain. Babies have a real heartbeat at six weeks. Why do radical Dems hate unborn babies?”

By: Gen Z Conservative