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The Animating Spirit of Ordered Liberty

Bob MacGuffie and Antony Stark- authors of The Seventh Crisis:

“Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo” (A great order of the Ages is born from the renewal.)

– Vergil’s Fourth Eclogue

Our recently published book, “The Seventh Crisis – Why Millennials Must Re-Establish Ordered Liberty” takes its inspiration from “The Fourth Turning,” written by William Strauss and Neil Howe.  Strauss and Howe’s work illuminates what they perceive as roughly one-hundred-year recurring patterns in Anglo-American history.  Their study and organization of history along these recurring cycles, together with an analysis of those generations driving the events within them, have uncovered a unique, insightful, and compelling cyclical model. 

It is Strauss and Howe’s contention that the influences and tenor of the times in which a generation rises into adulthood, profoundly impacts that generation’s leadership philosophy and approach when it eventually, in its mature stages, fully grasps the reins of influence over society.  Strauss and Howe’s study looks back to the sixteenth century, and organizes those recurring mega-cycles each into four phases, which always end in a consequential, societal changing Crisis e.g., the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Great Depression / WWII. 

It is our contention that we are currently living through a Seventh Crisis in the Anglo-American experience.  It encompasses the nation’s culture, its economy, its government, and its politics.  And, it is currently being driven by the coddled and protected children of that greatest generation – the Baby Boom generation.

That greatest WWII generation was traumatized by the constant insecurities of a Great Depression that was immediately followed by a catastrophic World War and a subsequent nerve-wracking Cold War.  Constantly under the threat of descending into an apocalyptic nuclear conflict, they sought solace in the creation of stability in their domestic lives through conformity with what they thought represented a traditional standard of American success: hard work, individual responsibility, a nuclear family, their own home, a stay at home mom, children that were more healthy and better educated than their parents, a religious-based morality, a patriotic community, a morally edifying concept of entertainment, a press which, if not totally “unbiased” was at least not propagandistic.  They ceaselessly attempted to build a society that increased equal opportunity to succeed for all by overcoming, no matter how imperfectly or slowly, past prejudices, inequalities, and racism.  This generation created a successful community based on GOD, Liberty, and Capitalism and in doing so created a period that produced unprecedented peace and security in America even in a world that sometimes tottered on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.  Hence the moniker “The Greatest Generation.”

Further, they were able to protect their achievement by enveloping it in cultural conditions that kept destabilizing political and economic ideas as well as divisive and anarchic social messages under control.  They achieved freedom tempered by responsibility, attributes which are the foundations of Ordered Liberty.  They did this through the strong sense of community fostered by the World War as well as by confidence in the underlying traditions… religious, economic, moral, cultural… that maintained the stability that the WWII generation desired most as an antidote to the recurrence of the crushing poverty and devastating warfare they wanted to get as far away from as possible.

The Rise and Original Sin of the Baby Boomers

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Made acutely aware of the existential danger of totalitarian ideologies by their bitter and cruel experience in WWII, they quickly awoke to the threat of Communism, both foreign and domestic, after 1945.  They saw how the old, hard-core Stalinist Left, posing as well-meaning Liberals, Progressives or simply “confused,” or “harmless fellow travelers,” had infiltrated into high positions of influence in many parts of the Government, as well as into many aspects of the culture, especially the popular culture.  However, by the mid-1950s, these subversive Leftwing elements had been so reviled and shunned that for all intents and purposes, they vanished from the public scene and retreated into the shadows… into Academia, inside large corporate establishments, on major law firms and all the other labyrinthine corridors that make up the bureaucracy of the permanent “Deep State.”

There they wallowed in frustration, waiting to be set free by the Red Diaper Babies they nurtured in the educational system, where they labored on behalf of the ideology they served by enslaving the minds of the young to Socialism.  It didn’t take long…

Enter their boomer children in the 1960s generation who, in an act of selfish, self-righteous cultural vandalism not only blasted to bits the outer framework of the secure, stable, and prosperous state of affairs their parents created, but went on to undermine its long-established religious, economic, moral and cultural foundations. 

In the name of an ever-expanding system of “rights” they created an ever-expanding rouges gallery of villains out of those who disagreed with the utopian socialist nostrums they were indoctrinated to believe by their well-off teachers in Academia: greedy capitalists, hate-filled racists, toxic male chauvinist, unfair sexists, cruel homophobes, dangerous militarists, Western cultural imperialists and basically anything else associated with the Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian values that was the creation of “Dead White Males” whose worst sin was that they “clung to their guns and bibles.”  Worse still, they interwove all these grievances into the concept of “intersectionality” which claimed that the “threat” was so vast as to impact various “disadvantaged groups” across racial, religious, gender, and class lines.

This meant that the opposition was to be considered so guilty of moral opprobrium that extreme governmental action had to be taken to rectify the situation.  Further, that situation was to be considered so threatening that the regular democratic and constitutional processes (which allowed for considered, incremental change) was rejected in favor of “experts” who changed long-standing social conventions via bureaucratic fiat and judicial diktat. 

Finally, while gathering all so-called victims under its umbrella as an indication of its egalitarianism it nonetheless created a demonic “other” out of that which was to be considered the ultimate enemy: white male heterosexuals (as well as the women who were “brainwashed” and “subservient” to them) who supported Capitalism, Judeo-Christian morality, an ethic of self-reliant individualism and Ordered Liberty.

This resulted in a wholesale rejection on the part of a large section of the Baby Boom generation of the previous, highly successful conservative social / political / economic and moral status quo.  Further, it turned its Liberal opponents into a party of Leftwing totalitarians who were utterly intolerant of opinions expressed by an “enemy” that their propaganda built into the epitome of hateful evil, greed, bigotry, and aggressive militarism.

If the United States is to recover and right itself from the cultural, economic, and political destruction being wreaked upon it, the rising Millennial and Gen-Z generations will need to step up, shoulder the mantle of leadership, and lead the country from this enveloping Crisis into a successful resolution.  While some aging Boomers warned of this Crisis, the wheel has since turned and they now are assuming their role as society’s “elders,” positioned to provide direction and guidance to the Millennials and Gen-Zs.  

Indeed, the loyal Boomers’ final act can be to make an inter-generational appeal to the Millennials and rising Gen-Zs, to embrace Ordered Liberty as the Animating Spirit to guide America to a restoration of its greatness!

Ordered Liberty

While the concept of Ordered Liberty has always been a part of the American consciousness it has, over time, come and gone from being a central focus.  To the nation’s Founders, Liberty was not so much about freedom as it was about responsibility; that is, one cannot have, nor deserve to have, the former without the latter.

Freedom unbound by Ordered Liberty leads to an anarchical state of affairs, which in turn inevitably leads to a chaotic crisis that demands the end of Unbound Freedom and seeks to justify its replacement with Unbound Order.

Ordered Liberty is not “license”; Ordered Liberty requires that one act with moral responsibility and within the boundaries of social decency as defined by traditional values agreed upon to prove beneficial over long periods of trial and error.

There can be no liberty without the “moral responsibility” provided by a moral base; this is traditionally provided in our society by Judeo-Christian morals and values that encourage the shouldering of responsibility.

Without such restraints, “Freedom” devolves and debases itself into obsessive solipsism and a nihilistic rejection of all traditions and values. This in turn results in political and social anarchy.  “Responsibility” prevents this perversion of Freedom and allows it to flourish by restraining it within the boundaries of Ordered Liberty.

Therefore, Ordered Liberty holds that fundamental rights are not absolute but are determined by a balance between the needs required by the public welfare of society against the rights of individual persons. According to this dialectic, the thesis, “Order” is the antithesis of “Liberty”; the synthesis, “Ordered Liberty,” describes a political society that reconciles the conflicting demands of public order and personal freedom.

Of what does Ordered Liberty consist?

It consists of Individualism over Collectivism; Capitalism over Socialism; religious values over secular values; a healthy patriotism over brute, chauvinistic nationalism; national sovereignty over transnational progressivism; long-standing traditional morality over a post-modern moral relativism defined by an arrogant, self-serving elitist minority, and a democratic republic over a majoritarian democracy.

Unbound Freedom is the absence of responsibility; Ordered Liberty is the shouldering of it.  Ordered Liberty can only return when loyalty to the primal, traditional relationships between Man and God, Man and Family, and Man and Nacio (viz. kindred group) are understood to both precede and transcend whatever loyalty is owed to the State.

These relationships must be fought for and established by the Millennial and Gen-Z generations in order for them to survive this Crisis.  Freedom can only exist when protected by the wall of Ordered Liberty.

Whether or not the Millennials and Gen-Zs accept the mantle of leadership in this titanic struggle, it is questionable that the country will ever fully recover from the ravages so many in the wretched Boomer generation have inflicted on those who came after it.  Perhaps something positive can be learned and salvaged from their example, horrible as that example has been.  That is, can the Millennial and Gen-Z generations channel the natural inclination of the young to “revolution” against the current Leftwing status quo and leverage it against the politically correct, multi-cultural, transnational progressive ideas it consists of, and under which these generations suffer?

What would be the nature of their protest and their rebellion?  What actions would they take against their centers of power?  What would constitute the underlying spiritual, metaphysical mentality required for their struggle against the forces that threaten to leave them morally weak, intellectually naked, and spiritually helpless against the Seventh Crisis?

Embracing the Heroic Mission

Struggle is uniquely suited to the young as it requires idealism, strength, perseverance, and, most importantly, enough life remaining to devote to accomplishing its aims.  It is not something for the cynical, the weak, the tentative, and the old.  It requires that those who undertake it understand that much of what they have been taught is a fabrication of those forces seeking to expand and entrench their power over them and conclude that it will lead to nothing less than the decay and decomposition that pro-socialist, anti-Liberty, atheist / pagan “progressive” societies inevitably always create.

What is required is for these generations to separate the essential from the contingent and the spirit of the law from the letter of it so that they can attain an inner fortification and a strengthened certainty regarding the need to win the struggle and overcome the Crisis.

In the final analysis, what is required, from both men and women alike, is for them to engender within themselves the ability to create and carry a sense of “Heroic Experience” that transcends mere fighting over politics and instead raises the struggle to a spiritual level, one which has the capacity to transfigure those individuals capable of experiencing it.  In this manner, identification of the struggle with one’s inner spirit… that is, to understand it as being at one with the path of GOD… allows those fighting the struggle to find the divine manifestation of the heroic in themselves.

For only a people who achieve peace through victory over themselves can adapt their inner spiritual strength and energy to the external, material world and thus manifest the character of power and irresistibility that are needed to triumph over the forces of socialism, poverty, weakness, spiritual ennui, cultural rot and all other aspects of human limitation that result from the metastasis of antinomianism.  One who conceives of themself as a fighter in such a struggle is the one who recognizes their own inner nobility, which is measured by the extent of their resistance, to accomplish against the odds that which must be done.  Without doubt nor hesitation, one must act out that which their inner spiritual power drives them to defend against… as well as fight for those positive things their spiritual power drives them to create.

It will allow those who struggle against the forces that currently constitute the transnational progressive status quo to tap into their higher spiritual consciousness and use it against those who, existing purely on a material level devoid of spiritual underpinnings, will not be able to resist.

This inner spirit must find Unity in GOD.  It must find Diversity of thought in the independent and critical thinking demanded by Ordered Liberty.  It must find Harmony and community in Nation. These spiritual values must be chiseled on the hearts of those who would save themselves and others from the Seventh Crisis by Squaring the Circle between Freedom and Order.  We have tried to express this precarious balance through a mathematical symbol, seen below, which depicts the Square Root of Pi.  

Just as Pi is a number that can never be expressed as a fraction and therefore results in a decimal representation that never ends, so it is with the endless desire for more and more Freedom, regardless of the danger that such a reckless desire must ultimately result in chaos and anarchy.  Because of its very nature, Freedom must be protected from such a result by forever nurturing and preserving it within the boundaries of Ordered Liberty.  Hence the problems of chaos and anarchy produced by the endless demand of ever-expanding Freedom (which is the circle represented by Pi) is just as perpetually protected by the equally endless solution of Ordered Liberty represented by the Square Root symbol.

For only in GOD can Humanity discover that which extends beyond the sterile anti-values of empty materialism and thus be able to find the strength to overcome the danger of the coming Crisis.  Only in Ordered Liberty can there be true Diversity of thought regarding political opinion, economic models, religious faith, choice of diversions, and attachments to various sub-cultures that encompass the Civil Society… all of which must be put to the test of moral scrutiny, democratic debate, open discussion, and honest appraisal so that society can best decide how and in what manner they should proceed in dealing with the issues they face in life and still be able to govern themselves in as non-coercive a manner as possible.  Only in Nation can all the various races, religions, ethnic groups, political factions, and philosophical schools find a home where they all intermix and voluntarily contribute their various inputs to the national whole from the bottom up, rather than being coerced and directed from the top down.

There must be GOD; there must be love of Nacio; there must be Ordered Liberty… or there can be no America.

The young must struggle against those who seek to poison their minds, pollute their morals, impoverish their economy, debase their culture and kill their spirit.

They must resist the siren call of the Left to be or to act like “jeunesse durée” – an over-indulged, pampered “gilded youth” clamoring into a “safe space” when confronted with conflict, whining for ever more privileges and material gifts, demanding authorities silence “politically incorrect” voices of dissent that upset them when they find such voices too discordant or harsh, censoring thought in the name of “tolerance” and coercing behavior by justifying it as “equity.”

They must understand that with rights come duties and discipline and that without such a sense of duty demanding “rights” can sometimes lead to the commission of great crimes, as was the case in the French, Russian and Chinese revolutions.  That is, a dictatorship in the name of the people, a Dictatorship of the Proletariat, is still a dictatorship… and dictatorships tend to eat their own.

This is especially true when those deluded enough to support it have been deliberately turned into weaklings and fatted calves by the insidious Academic, Enemedia, Social Media, Entertainment Industry propaganda they have been marinated in for years.

They must not allow their rich heritage of constitutional rights to be slandered, shattered, and abandoned and they must vigorously oppose all that threatens it; instead, they must save it by developing the sense of strict inner discipline and strength that is required for a fight.

They must realize that there are no exact models to follow but only historical examples of others who similarly came to know how inborn character affects external conditions and learned how to refine the art of controlling life’s forces through the ability to seize opportunities as well as correctly predict the changes such forces portend.

If the Gen-Z and Millennial generations can do this they will be able to master their own destiny, rather than have an arrogant transnational progressive elite use them as a tool to achieve their own tyrannical goals.

But the hour is late and society has stupidly given its Enemy a great head start.

The Militarization of Politics & The Nature of the Enemy

By its very nature, politics involves struggle between two sides who, along with their allies, fight against their political enemies.  Idealistic attempts, some of which may even succeed, may be made to mitigate this friend / enemy dichotomy, but such attempts could never end it.  Fighting… and even violence… are concomitant with the political.

When one’s political opponent intends to nullify his opposite’s way of life, he must be repulsed and fought in order to protect one’s own existence. Those who seek to avoid this encounter or pretend it can be resolved without paying a political cost are deluded to the point of being suicidally self-loathing.  It matters little if such attempts to appease one’s enemies are based on moral considerations or good intentions, because both often lead to placing oneself in the hands of dangerous opponents who have no such scruples.

If a Nation can no longer muster the Will or the energy to fight against its enemies, to protect its culture, and to defend its Liberty, it will ultimately succumb to them.

This is not a call for personal hatred of “The Other”; it is a call to understand that a political enemy exists collectively and can only be fought collectively. 

But those who fight for the totalitarian Left dismiss this understanding and instead extend their hatred beyond the collective opponent to the individual members of the opposing collective group.  They have overthrown the old rules of political combat and have turned political opponents into a despised foe to whom no quarter is given and to whom no mercy is shown.

The Left not only opposes its enemies on the Right, it seeks to impose on them what they see as the moral imperative to institute a form of politics that is in actuality a form of secular theology.  Therefore, to fight against it is not, as in the Conservative view of politics, simply the righting of wrong policies but the elimination of an immoral evil that is to be prevented at all costs.

All who are not in line with this totalitarian view, are heretics, infidels, saboteurs, traitors, criminals… enemies.

Those on the Right, who continue to think they can play by a rulebook that has been ripped up and burned by the Left are deceiving themselves; there is no use in bemoaning the militarization of politics because it is now an inescapable fact.

The militarization of politics has led the Left to create a situation where no lie is too outrageous to be told, no policy is too coercive to be enacted, no law is too tyrannical to be considered unconstitutional, no rape of property rights too extortionate and expropriating to be considered theft, and no government act too violent to be justified as being in the public interest.

The Right has been forced into an era where it no longer faces political adversaries to debate and electorally contest with, but one where it faces political enemies who wish to destroy them both as individuals and as a collective opposition group.

The militarization of politics has reduced it to the type of basic antitheses we find in other areas of life, such as those between the beautiful and the ugly in the realm of aesthetics, between good and evil in the realm of morality and between profit and loss in the realm of economics.

In the realm of militarized politics, we are faced with the stark opposition of those who are our political enemies…. and neither political analysts, political operatives, political strategists, political rhetoricians nor political journalists will be able to overcome such a radically politically militarized enemy.

Such a situation does not require political philosophers who talk but political warriors who act.

Further, this action must be directed against the Left, which has created a situation where it uses “Otherizing” to its advantage; that is, it turns the enemies of the Left – Conservatives, religious and cultural traditionalists, MAGA supporters, ant-Vax adherents etc. – into something existentially evil, dishonest, greedy, intolerant, reactionary, anti-social, immoral, alien… Other.

In this way, the Left justifies a secular version of a Holy War against an “evil” it claims moral sanction in seeking to destroy.  It has marshaled political warriors to fight in a Transnational Progressive Cause despite the fact that its past actions have richly demonstrated its perversity and moral failure; if the Right is to survive, it needs to do the same by marshaling forces on behalf of the Cause of Ordered Liberty, which is justified by the history of its success.

If the Right is reaching a stage where it can no longer recognize… or worse, forcefully confront…its Leftist enemy with political warriors of its own it will cease to exist and will disappear from the political battlefield. Its decision-making power will dissipate, its norms, values, and culture will fade; it will erode and be replaced.

Ultimately, it will be absorbed into its enemy’s political system and all it stands for… good, bad, or otherwise…. will disappear into the mists of history.

Only through an internal spiritual commitment to the struggle can the external political struggle be successfully faced… and only by embracing the external struggle as a Heroic Experience can a sense of Renewal be created.

Renewal Through Heroic Experience

Let us examine some of the forms that may comprise the struggle for the Renewal of Ordered Liberty, as well as how those on the Right who fight with a sense of Heroic Experience might manifest itself against the Leftist status quo forces that oppose it.

Where the status quo demands a bigger government and more Socialism, they must fight back with a strong advocacy for Limited Government and Capitalism; where the status quo advocates Gaia Worship, they must advocate traditional Judeo-Christianity; where the status quo pushes multiculturalism, they must be opposed by a stout defense of American Exceptionalism; where the status quo demands political correctness it must be met with a vigorous counter-attack of freedom of thought; where the status quo extolls the joys of hedonism as an end in itself, it must extoll the joy of the ascetic experience in the service of higher values such as GOD, Family and Nacio; where the status quo pushes gender fluidity, they must push back with notions of womanhood and manhood in their natural / biological… not concocted / sociocultural… terms; where the status quo endlessly pushes all that coarsens and debases social norms, they must proudly and boldly extoll that which embraces traditional values that uplift and edify.

When radical feminists representing the status quo attack masculinity as toxic, women must defend men; where male “experts” representing the status quo attack femininity by advocating sex and gender eliminationism, men must defend women; where militant feminism demeans and disparages marriage and family and where the status quo seeks to eliminate any differences between the sexes, they must stand up against it as men and women in defense of their children’s future.

Of course, it is perfectly logical that there is a coherent way to combine characteristics and behaviors that are acquired through preference and choice along with those which are unalterably genetic and hormonal. Accepting the differences between the sexes should not be used to exclude or discriminate against, or to oppress those who exist outside the sociocultural / sexual boundaries and norms of what is considered traditionally male and female.

But those who consider themselves outside the majority tradition should not allow the State to use preference and choice as a political cudgel to destroy what constitutes maleness and femaleness and do it in the service of a politically correct agenda designed to debilitate many of the traditional norms which undergird society.

Sympathy for and protection of “the other,” even if it is misplaced, should be practiced in the name of Justice, but it must not be allowed to castrate the ability to restore and uphold a stable society by securing its cornerstone: viz. the traditional nuclear family.

The Heroic Experience formulates the morals, habits, dress, language, music, art and political culture of its rebellion as being the opposite of those forms that are popular among those who are activists and political soldiers on the Left.

Men must connect with their inner warrior, their inner Kyshatria, their inner masculine rationality and drive to protect their family, their Nacio, their way of life.  Where their opposites on the Left in the Antifa present themselves as thuggish, wild and unkempt street rebels, they should present an appearance that resembles a subdued military look and a pronounced sense of inner confidence and self-control.  Where the Left extolls excess and anarchy, they should represent asceticism and order.  They should indicate a masculine concern for the safety of women and children and treat women with the propriety and respect equals deserve.  They must be ready to fight and sacrifice for their inner spiritual values that connect them at a metaphysical level to the political, economic, and social conflict that they face in the material world.

Women must connect with their inner Amazon, their inner Matriarch, their inner chthonic-creative power, and join Men as fully equal political warriors in this struggle.  They should reject the anti-male venom of the feminist Red Guard Eumenides, who think that they will find freedom in a rejection of their own sexuality and find joy in some tortured “genderless” twilight zone that does not and indeed, cannot, exist and still keep humanity human. They must embrace the defense of innocent life and reject the siren call to become one more barren serf on some corporate version of a feudal manor, condemned to the sterile pleasures of serving, in an almost prima noctum-style rape on their youth and fertility, the financial bottom line of business elites, all while their biological clock ticks away the time they have left to find lasting value and true happiness in motherhood. 

Men and Women must unite against the false promises of ever-bigger government, which is in all cases blind to their miseries; they must not put their trust in false, utopian hopes that inevitably fade away to reveal the wretched realities of Socialism, Paganism and a divisive, multicultural agenda that seeks the destruction of Ordered Liberty, Traditional Values and Nacio as its ultimate goal.

But in a society that is increasingly militarizing politics as it careens towards its rendezvous with the Seventh Crisis, the Millennials and Gen-Zs will need to find those among them who have the capability to control their inner, spiritual struggle, which seeks to overcome the negative, debased, weak and defeatist elements within themselves… and then mobilize them to externalize that self-control in order to prevail in the outer, material, political struggle.  This inner struggle must precede the outer struggle in order for the political warrior to develop the Will to take control of the direction of society, win the Struggle and bring us out of the Crisis into a state of Ordered Liberty. 

To succeed in this, those who are able (through inner struggle) must make an “Heroic Experience” out of the outer struggle so that the debased, negative elements that are now manifest in society can be overcome and sublimated to positive effect.

Once those elements have been overcome and sublimated into the positive and spiritually edifying ethos of Ordered Liberty, the struggle will itself be transfigured into myriad positive qualities including Justice, Prosperity, Security, Stability and greater scope for Individual Achievement.

The Heroic Experience is capable of committing itself to aligning one’s spiritual core not with the empty, ideologies of the Left, but with the ultimate authority within oneself: GOD… as well as His absolute and sweeping force of Ordered Liberty, in the struggle against the de-spiritualized, totalitarian, materialists of the atheistic Left.

Although many are not capable of achieving the Heroic Experience, their commitment to Ordered Liberty is nonetheless widespread.  Since the Heroic Experience seeks to overcome all that is tame, conformist, collectivist, group-thinking, pseudo-intellectual and idealistically empty, it sets a standard for behaviors that are successful, edifying and worthy to be emulated.  Faults may be rampant among those who lack interior spiritual strength but they can still be motivated to support those embodying the Heroic Experience because they realize its value to their own lives.  Unfortunately, those faults and that specific lack of inner strength makes them loathe to get involved in the struggle because of their lack of… heroism.

Therefore, the Heroic Experience is not a bourgeoise, nor a bureaucratic, nor a corporate experience.

It is at heart, a warrior experience.

It is not for the many who follow but for the few who seek to lead the fight.

It is for those who, having overcome the negative and fearful within themselves, are capable of mastering their inner weakness and of externalizing that strength to overcome the struggle in the outer, material world where the Crisis will manifest itself.

This is the task of the warrior, the Knight, the Valkyrie, the Kshatriya, the Amazon.

This is the political warrior standing fast in midst of the struggle.

This is the Heroic Experience that produces Victory… and there is nothing to compare with it or prevail against it on the materialist Left beyond their futile anti-qualities of hate, bitter resentment, fanatic egalitarianism and empty devotion to a sterile political faith.

It is the hammer and the anvil on which Ordered Liberty will be forged and then carried into political battle.

It is the key to victory over the Left, prevailing in the Seventh Crisis and conquering the negative within ourselves.

Messrs. MacGuffie and Stark are authors of the new book “The Seventh Crisis – Why Millennials Must Re-Establish Ordered Liberty,” which seeks to offer the Millennial and Gen-Z generations a way out of the dangerous crisis they currently face.