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Speak Like an American: Don’t Use the Left’s Newspeak

The speech police have me ready to pop my clogs with their repetitive talk about lawmakers, democracy, equality, justice, public-private “partnerships”, rights, etc.

It is past time for a vocabulary lesson. Otherwise, we will continue to be brainwashed with newspeak. We need to speak like Americans.

The word “lawmakers” is not in the Constitution, and for good reason. The constitution IS the law, and representatives take an oath to preserve and protect it.

The word “lawmakers” is a media invention started in the early 2000s at the behest of the globalists and lapdog media to slowly brainwash the population into believing that people in office are our RULERS, instead of REPRESENTATIVES.

When the word is repeated long enough, people will forget that the Constitution is the law and begin to believe that whatever these people say is the law. Anyone who uses that word is part of the problem. Stop using it and use the proper American word, representative.

Democracy is another word that causes my blood to coagulate. America is a republic, not a democracy. Our Founders were vehemently opposed to democracy and created a republic in a democratic (meaning fair) style. Anyone that insists that we are a democracy is lying or ignorant, and you should be very suspicious of them. American speak calls our form of government a republic. Say so all the time.

Equality is another term for the forked of tongue.

If we are all really equal, then why are we placed into different groups? If all people are equal, why do some need so much help? If women are so equal, why do they need so many special accommodations? Why are gays singled out in need of special privileges? And if we are all really equal, why do some pay all the taxes at unequal rates, while other equal Americans pay none? I’ll wait for your answer. Equality means equality under the law, NOT coerced equality. Speak American to defend equality under the law, not equality of outcome.

Justice is code for envy and revenge. Grievance professionals are really socialist losers that rev up other losers into believing that they are victimized by other more capable, hardworking, and successful people. Can’t read, spell or do the math? Too lazy or ignorant to get a degree in anything but “studies” subjects? Want to have a rewarding career complaining? Seek “justice” by majoring in a specific grievance (race studies, women’s studies, class studies, queer studies, etc.)

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Then you can get paid by a university or the federal government not to do anything substantial. Sort of like a farmer getting paid not to grow tomatoes. Speak American and call justice justice and jealousy jealousy.

“Public-private partnerships” is the term that really makes me hypertensive. This is fascism rolled up in a sweetbun to make you think that big corporations and government are using your money to “invest,” when they are really using your money to make more money for themselves. They are specifically socializing the risk (public part of that deal) and privatizing the profits (so you don’t get any return on the “investment”.)

Solyndra is a good example. It is a steaming hot sh-t sandwich, and I cannot
believe Americans are swallowing it. Can’t you smell it? So call it fascism, because that’s what it is.

Lastly, the word “rights” has morphed into “wants.” Anything the Dems want is declared a right, while those specific, constitutionally enumerated rights are shuffled to the rear.

The dems are basically dissolving the constitution via language and propaganda. When Biden declared that our rights are not absolute I nearly exploded. Our rights ARE absolute, as described with the word UNALIENABLE.

This means that no government entity can abridge or revoke them. Period.
The grievance crowd and globalists are changing our language without our consent.

Speak American, and insist that they do too.

By: Anonymous