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“Sowing Division”: Leftist Media Hacks ATTACK Desantis’ Attempt to Help Veterans

Several days ago, Ron DeSantis unveiled the design of a new license plate that will benefit the Florida Veterans Foundation. The design features the now famous coiled rattlesnake and the message ‘don’t tread on me!’ that became a symbol of Florida’s anti-lockdown policies.

You would think that using a popular image to raise money for veterans is a good thing. But as far as the media is concerned, if Ron DeSantis cured cancer tomorrow, they’d be complaining he was putting hospitals out of business. Two minutes after the new design was announced, the hall monitors of the left cried foul.

Frank Cerabino  cried a piece for the Palm Beach Post titled, “DeSantis: Proposed state License plate features warning to ‘out of state cars.”

Cerabino’s supposed ‘political kill shot’ is:

So, if you’re an out-of-state visitor reading this, don’t be offended. This is just typical Florida stuff. It’s just DeSantis sowing division again.

Let’s hear some more from the hall monitor from the Palm Beach Post:

“These days, that Colonial-era relic has been co-opted as a popular symbol for U.S. Capitol insurrectionists, right-wing militia groups, QAnon crackpots and Koch-funded tax protesters.”

When your humble correspondent was still residing in California two years ago, the “hateful relic” of the rattlesnake became near and dear to my heart, so much so that I followed it all the way to Florida to escape the draconian rule of Gavin Newsom. “The studies” show that so did thousands of California residents. I can attest that most of them did not invade the Capitol; they do not belong to any militia groups; they can’t find a QAnon website if their lives depended on it, and they have never received a penny from the Koch brothers. All they wanted is to live their lives as they see fit, and the state they chose was the one the author decries as “mostly ‘free’ of reason and brimming with silly, contrived belligerence.” Why would all these people leave the state that did so much “reasonable life saving” for the state where the Governor was deliberately killing people, one might wonder.

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“After all, aren’t those out-of-state cars filled with out-of-state tourists, whose presence in our state during the pandemic has been a point of pride to DeSantis, and apparently worth all the needless loss of life among Florida’s old and vulnerable residents.”

Even though no link has ever been established between a state’s Covid policies and the outcome of Covid deaths, the author authoritatively claims (without evidence!) that Governor DeSantis’ anti-lockdown policies caused “the needless loss of life” among Florida’s older population. If the author’s assertion held any water, Florida, which has more senior citizens than any state, would have produced a much larger body count than, say, California, which is a much younger state. That, however, did not happen, but when did lack of data ever stop the media from accusing people they don’t like of murder?

“Oops, there was utter failure in that message to mention that the allegedly hampering federal government gave Florida $30 million in stimulus money that the state used to promote tourism this year.”

Oops, there is an utter failure in the article to mention that the “stimulus money” that Florida took did not go to “promote tourism.” The money was used to help foster care and adoptive families deal with inflation caused by the Biden administration. The tourism boom in Florida was solely due to the alleged “killing of grandmas” contrived by DeSantis, and the very tourists that the author is so bravely protecting from DeSantis’ “belligerence.” Those very tourists (like this one and this one) came from the blue states to escape lockdowns and partake in “killing Florida seniors.” You’d think the author of the article would be a little upset at all the “murder” the tourists (mostly coming from “the reasonable” states) were committing. But no, the tourists are just the latest “victims” of DeSantis who are getting their feelings hurt by “belligerent” license plates.

There is another utter failure by the author to report that even though California took 27 billion (with a “B”) in stimulus money (which kind of puts that 30 million Florida took in perspective) it did not help their tourism in any way. And that’s because California appropriated the “Covid relief” money to fund abortions and “gender-affirming care”, and free health care for illegal immigrants. And for the fun part, neither the “reasonable” lockdowns nor the “helpful” federal government (both opposed by DeSantis but hailed by the author) did anything to save any grandmas.

“[The rattlesnake] serves as a valuable tool for the rest of us to identify the chuckleheads in our midst.”

Just in case there are some people in Florida that did not get the message about the new license plate, here are a few other telltale tools for the author to identify “the chuckleheads:”

  • American flag flying over someone’s house
  • “G-d bless the USA” ring tone
  • “Let’s go Brandon!” bumper sticker
  • Walking in a park without a mask

(And good news: For one lucky “Don’t Tread on Me” motorist, the personalized licensed plate “DUM AZZ” is still available from the state.)

As for the “DUM AZZ” license plate that the author was mentioning, I believe those are reserved solely for the members of the media.

 RWR original article syndication source.