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“Some Form of Gestapo” in America: Churchill’s Prescient Prediction Comes to Life

The Winston Churchill Quote on Socialism’s Reliance Upon “Some Form of Gestapo”:

“No Socialist Government conducting entirely the life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp, or violently worded public discontent. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance. And this would nip opinion in the bud; it would stop criticism as it reared its head, and it would gather all power to the supreme party and the party leaders, rising like stately pinnacles above their vast bureaucracies of civil servants, no longer servants and no longer civil.” -Winston Churchill’s “Some Form of Gestapo” Quote

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The Socialist Gestapo

Winston Churchill was, predictably, savaged for what he said in the above speech. As William Manchester describes in The Last Lion, it probably cost him his prime ministership.

But what was ignored was that despite it not being what people wanted to hear, it was undeniably true. Just like his other quotes about socialism, his quote on socialism requiring “some form of Gestapo” was entirely accurate. Sadly, that fact remains as unrecognized or spat upon now as it was then. Like their British predecessors, American socialists and “compassionate conservatives” are unwilling to admit that socialism does, in fact, lead to “some form of Gestapo.”

The historical record proves the veracity of Churchill’s statement, both in the realm of what I call “hard” and “soft” socialist governments. “Hard” socialism is the type we saw arise in the 20th century- the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Red China, and the Khmer Rouge are prime examples. “Soft” socialism is the type of socialism that self-described “democratic socialists” profess their love for; the type found in Canada, Western Europe, and now America.

some form of gestapo

“Some Form of Gestapo” in “Hard” Socialist States

The examples of “some form of Gestapo” arising in “hard” socialist governments are as numerous as they are obvious.

The Soviet Union was dominated first by the Cheka, then the NKVD, and the final iteration, the KGB. Those organizations, as Solzhenitsyn describes in The Gulag Archipelago, were incredibly repressive and ruled with an iron fist. They crushed dissent, tortured or murdered those who did not bend to the will of the socialist state, and empowered the state’s totalitarian leaders. Their compatriots in Soviet satellite states, such as the Stasi in East Germany, were just as evil.

Similarly, Red China was dominated by its form of the Gestapo. As Rand Paul movingly recounts in The Case Against Socialism, the Red Guard was loyal only to Mao and carried out a campaign of terror across Red China. In the name of the greater good, they tortured and killed millions.

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Then there’s the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, which was, contrary to popular perception, a socialist state. It behaved in the same manner as the NKVD; it silenced dissent by terrorizing the populace.

Other examples are the Santebal of the Khmer Rouge, Che’s band of mass-murderers, and the murderous organs of the North Korean regime.

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The Form of Gestapo in “Soft” Socialist States

The other examples of Churchill’s “some form of Gestapo” are more insidious, despite being exactly what he described. They are the cancel culture warriors and political correctness police of every Western State that has fallen into the dark pit of socialism.

In Great Britain, it is illegal to speak about Islam in a derogatory manner. In Canada, you can be imprisoned for using the wrong pronoun when referring to a transgender person. Sweden is being terrorized by the hordes of migrants it imported, yet its citizens are not allowed to speak out because of the political correctness policies foisted upon them by their socialist government.

Similarly, since Biden’s election, the socialist Gestapo of America has made its presence increasingly felt. The woke staffers of Amazon, Apple, and Google colluded to crush Parler because it didn’t share their penchant for totalitarianism. Politically correct employees of Twitter and Facebook have forced those companies to silence dissent with an iron fist. Democrats in the legislature are now calling for lists to be made of Trump supporters and are looking into a domestic war on “extremism,” by which they mean conservatism and libertarianism. Talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, and other repugnant and problematic media organizations call for the “deprogramming” of Trump supporters.

That is what Churchill was warning us about when he gave his “some form of Gestapo speech.” He was viciously attacked for comparing British socialists to their wartime enemy, the many odious apparati of the Nazi state, in this case the Gestapo and SD, but their opposition doesn’t mean he was wrong. As the facts show, he was quite right.

Those that attacked him were willfully misinterpreting what he said. He knew, of course, that the British socialists wouldn’t immediately revert to gulags and death squads. As he said in his speech, “some form of Gestapo” would arise, but it would “no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance.”

The “soft” socialists rely upon the claim that their ideas aren’t “real communism/socialism” to claim that they won’t behave in the same manner. That’s a lie. What they want is real socialism and whatever form of Gestapo they create will inevitably become more like its predecessors.

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How This Relates to America

Read through the passage from Churchill’s “some form of Gestapo” speech again. He describes its purpose as being to “nip opinion in the bud” and its form as likely being “vast bureaucracies of civil servants, no longer servants and no longer civil.”

Is that not what we have in America? The “civil servants” of the executive branch number in the millions. They don’t serve the state. As their opposition to Trump showed, they serve themselves and their party, which is the socialist Democratic Party. Whether in the government or as employees of the public square infrastructure we rely upon, namely Twitter and Google, they see their purpose as being to nip dissent and unpopular opinions in the bud.

That is dangerous. If we don’t fight back by working to reduce the role of the state and roll back the influence of Big Tech and its censorious policies, then conservative opinion might be forever silenced.

Saying so isn’t popular. Americans, whether on the left or fake conservatives like Mitt Romney, willfully ignore the truth. They pretend that Lenin lied when he said that the goal of socialism is communism and they shield themselves from the indisputable fact that socialism and communism are only maintained by “some form of Gestapo.”

But their willful ignorance doesn’t make the statement any less true. With Biden, Churchill’s “some form of Gestapo” has become readily apparent in America.

It has existed for a long time. The PC tyrants and cancel culture proponents have been the most obvious examples of it. However, in the past, they pretended that they weren’t like the Gestapo. While they did their best to suppress freedom of speech, they claimed that they were doing nothing of the sort.

Now, their role in society is indisputable. The Gestapo of the New Left is here and it wants to silence you. If you say something it disagrees with or wants to keep hidden, it will censor you. If you act in a way that it disapproves of, it will punish you. And if you, God forbid, think the wrong way, then it will cancel you. Churchill predicted this happening in his 1945 “some form of Gestapo” speech. We’ve ignored that for far too long. Now might be our last chance to fight it.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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