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SOCOM’s Anti-Trump Diversity Chief

If there’s one thing that I think the tip of our warfighting spear, SOCOM, needs, it’s a diversity chief. Luckily, the Biden Administration, with its focus on wokeness rather than warfighting, agrees. So, SOCOM appointed a man named Richard Torres-Estrada as the head of diversity, presumably as a way to dull, errr, “strengthen,” the tip of the spear.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have lasted, despite the fact (or perhaps because of the fact) that, in the words of SOCOM managers, Mr. Torres-Estrada has ” nearly two decades worth of experience working diversity and inclusion programs and activities in federal agencies.” Only a few days after the post on his new position, Mr. Torres-Estrada was reassigned.

Why is that? Was it because of all those racists and far-right extremists that the media keeps warning us about? Nope, not quite. Turns out, what happened was that SOCOM’s new diversity chief was not much of a fan of President Trump and had done such things as post anti-Donald Trump memes on social media and compare Trump to Adolf Hitler on his social media.

SOCOM, despite having the best intelligence gathering apparatus on the planet, somehow hadn’t realized that its new diversity chief was so rabidly anti-Trump. Or perhaps it just didn’t care. Thanks to that ignorance or turning the other way, SOCOM posted a welcome message for him, saying “We look forward to Mr. Torres-Estrada’s contribution in enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of #SOF through diversity of talent, helping us recruit the best of the best.”

Well, not everyone was excited about these attempts to ruin SOCOM as the leftist SOCOM brass. Civilian sleuths did a bit of digging on social media and found pictures in which Estrada compared Trump to Hitler, disparaged Sen. Cruz, and intimated that Trump was a “dope” or “moron.”

The outrage stemming from those revelations was so ferocious once the public found out about Mr. Torres-Estrada’s rabid posts that SOCOM was forced to reassign him pending an investigation.

This might not seem like a major issue to some people. But it is, for the same reason that the military’s attacks on Tucker Carlson were a big deal. Our armed forces are supposed to be non-partisan. SOCOM is no Praetorian Guard, intelligence officers aren’t meant to be commissars, and the Marines aren’t supposed to be the Allgemeine SS. They’re supposed to take orders and win wars, not engage in domestic political disputes and support one candidate over the other.

Say Mr. Estrada had remained in his position and Sen. Cruz or Mr. Trump win in 2024. How could they have any assurance that he and the units he had created would remain loyal? Theoretically, were the president “literally Hitler,” as the leftists like to say, wouldn’t it be the duty of the military to defend the Constitution by deposing him? I doubt Mr. Estrada would have any qualms about doing so.

Up until quite recently, the military had managed to remain non-partisan. Despite the horrors of the Second World War, the continued stresses and temptations of the Cold War, the huge mistakes that were the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the mistakes that defined Clinton’s foreign policy, not to mention all the challenges before the mid-20th Century, the military stayed, for the most part, out of politics. Then came Trump. The military brass, a contemptible group of men who have never managed to actually win a war despite the vast resources at their disposal, took an instant disliking to him and tried to undermine him at every turn.

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And now, thanks largely to their actions, the military’s credibility is plummeting and it is being exposed as yet another leftists institution. Our military should be non-partisan, not a gang of pro-Democrat commissars.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook


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