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Socialists are Ignorant

Socialists are Ignorant:

Socialists are Ignorant

Why Socialists are Ignorant:

Socialists are ignorant. Why? Because ignorance breeds socialism. As I mention in “Do Modern Socialists Understand Socialism,” most current socialists are ignorant of socialism’s past. They don’t know the death toll of socialism (it is in the tens, if not hundreds, of millions).

Instead of learning facts about socialism, what it means, and what its history is, they just go with the general assumption that it’s “nice” because of the supposedly free stuff it provides. Millennials in particular don’t seem to fully grasp how evil socialism is, which is a problem I discuss in “Millennials and Capitalism.”

They support an evil ideology that has murdered millions of people and leads only to envy and violence. But they don’t know or understand it. These socialist politicians and their millennial supporters just operate based on emotion. Learning about the ideology of envy and evil they support would be too much work; promising free college on the other hand, is popular and easy. Free college won’t work, of course, but that’s irrelevant to ignorant socialists. They only know that it sounds “humane” because its free.

The Atlas Society, based on the amazing book Atlas Shrugged, certainly gets that right in this meme. We need to make sure that people like Bernie Sanders and AOC can’t get away with supporting such an abhorrent ideology. Call them out for their ignorance and the evil tenets of the ideology that they so proudly believe in! Socialism is evil and socialists are ignorant and we Gen Z conservatives can’t let them forget it.

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