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Socialist Leaders are Murderers. Remember That

History Proves that Socialist Leaders are Murderers

Reading a book about the history of socialist governments confirms many facts about socialism and Big Government, and not only that socialist leaders are murderers and that socialism kills. It shows that socialism leads to authoritarianism, that socialism leads to economic stagnation, Big Government leads to corruption, and that no person of sound mind would ever want to move to live in a country with “real socialism” as a peasant.

But those are just the economic facts about socialism; the facts of history also show the inherent evil nature of socialism and the tragedies it leads to Those tragedies are all the more frequent because of the fact that socialist leaders are murderers.

Given that you’re on a site named “gen z conservative,” I doubt many of you disagree with the statement that socialist leaders are murderers. That’s a simple, obvious fact that conservative have understood for decades and is something we have tried to fight against.

It’s why we fought communism in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Grenada, and in countless proxy wars across Africa and South America. We understood that socialist leaders are murderers and wanted to help citizens in those nations avoid being killed by socialism. Once you learn about the real Che Guevara or what Stalin did, it’s hard to let people live with such men as their rulers.

Unfortunately, we were only sometimes correct. Despite the sacrifices of the men in Phase Line Green, we ultimately lost in Vietnam. Similarly, our proxy wars had a mixed record. The greatest lesson and mistake of the 20th Century was that we did not wipe communism off the face of the earth when we had the chance after World War I. We should have completed the mission and killed the Soviets.

But, that didn’t happen and we couldn’t later contain it effectively, so the virus of socialism had a chance to spread across the world. Country after country fell to it; Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, China, and many others are were infected by the plague of socialism.

The citizens of those nations, the guerrilla peasants who had hoisted leaders like Lenin and Mao into power, quickly learned the true nature of socialism. They learned that socialist leaders are murders.

Read Socialism Sucks, The Case Against Socialism, Liberal Fascism, The Gulag Archipelago, or any other book about the history of socialism. Those books will quickly confirm my thesis that socialist leaders are murderers and socialism kills.

Young “democratic socialists” in America pretend that the defining qualities of socialism are free food, free education, free healthcare, and equality across all of society. I suppose that’s true, to some extent, at least, but not in the way they assume.

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Instead of like with capitalism, where access to those things might be expensive at times, but everything is plentiful and in high quality, in socialist countries, everything is scarce and of terrible quality. Maybe things are free, but the average citizen has no access to them. And, equality is not what we should strive for. Equal is unfair, after all.

Gulags, misery, scarcity, and starvation are the defining features of socialism. Not free and plentiful goods.

Don’t forget that socialist leaders are murders. AOC and Bernie might seem harmless, if idiotic and delusional, right now. But they’re not. They might be idiots and incompetent, but they are also budding authoritarians that we need to keep a careful eye on.

Furthermore, Joe Biden the radical is adopting more and more aspects of the authoritarian ideology of Bernie Sanders and AOC. Ideas like free college, Medicare for All, welfare for illegal immigrants, wealth redistribution, and other socialist policies and objectives are all on the Biden Campaign site just like they were on the Bernie campaign site.

So, conservatives need to be just as cognizant of the fact that socialist leaders are murderers when viewing Joe Biden and other supposed “moderates” like Kamala Harris (who is not a moderate) as they are when looking at Democrats like AOC and Bernie Sanders.

If we forget that, we all might soon end up in a gulag.

By: Gen Z Conservative