October 30, 2020

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Socialist Expectations and Reality

Socialist Expectations and Reality

Socialist Expectations and Reality;

Socialist Expectations and Reality

Socialist Expectations and Reality Don’t Match

Socialist expectations and reality often don’t match. At all. What is promised to be a magic communist utopia of that every impossible to obtain “real communism” never happens. What happens instead is starvation, murder, and prison camps. Socialism kills.

That’s because socialism is an ideology of envy. It just won’t work! Don’t let Bernie Sanders or AOC convince you otherwise, just look at the coup and resulting violence in Venezuela, the starving in North Korea, or the Chinese Concentration Camps for Muslims! Socialism sucks, don’t let it happen here.

Socialists promise a lot to try to get into the power structure. But the problem is that socialist expectations and reality don’t match. Perhaps the best example of that in America currently is that Bernie’s agenda is a sham. He promises a lot of “great things,” like an unworkable free college plan. Sure, like that will work.

Don’t trust the socialists! They’re liars and schemers. Awful people that follow an awful ideology. So what can we do to push back against them? Show that they are lying and their ideology is an ideology of fraud.

The worst aspects of socialism relate to its leaders and followers. Socialist leaders, such as Comrade Bernie, are hypocritical scumbags and liars that use their positions to exploit their countrymen in the name of revolution. Even worse, they often are murderers that execute millions upon millions of their subjects because of paranoia and/or a desire for complete ideological conformity.

Similarly, socialist acolytes that aren’t rulers are just as evil. Sure, they might not be the ones ordering executions, but they’re the ones who put those murderous thugs into office. Communist governments aren’t voted into office. No, they’re swept in by masses of revolutionaries. It’s suicide; those same masses are often sent to gulags by the leaders they begged to rule them.

And, in my view, that’s why there is such divergence between socialist expectations and reality. They expect the leaders they sweep into office as dictator to not act like every other socialist dictator to ever rule. Their expectation is for some sort of vague utopia where everyone is equally rich and no one works. As if that is possible.

But, of course, that can never happen. Instead, the leaders just take everything they want and leave the bare essentials for the masses they supposedly love and rule in the name of. Socialist expectations and reality will never match. That’s a fact you can read about in any book about socialism. Socialism Sucks, The Case Against Socialism, and Atlas Shrugged all show exactly why; socialist leaders are corrupt thugs and their followers are lazy, mentally infirm, and gullible.

Most socialists wilt and squirm when their beloved ideology of envy is placed under the spotlight. They simple can’t defend it because socialism always fails. Once you show that to everyone around, the socialists stop advocating for their awful ideology. Or at least they stop for a little bit. That’s a big win in our fight against the evils of socialism. It just takes courage and effort. Luckily, those are virtues that you conservatives almost certainly have.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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