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Socialism Sucks Meme

My Take on this Socialism Sucks Meme:

Socialism sucks! It is an awful ideology that only the worst elements of society believe in.

Who are the people that make up the modern socialist party? A collection of losers of all types. “Stanya” from Rose City’s Antifa chapter is one of those modern socialists. Check out my “Antifa Isn’t So Scary” post to see that example of a modern socialist. Or AOC, the dolt from New York who seems to forget that socialism has killed millions of people and always fails. Those two examples about some up the modern socialist movement that is spearheaded by millionaire Bernie Sanders; fraudulent idiots who don’t understand what they are supporting.

We can’t let people like that guide our economic policy. One whiff of influence from their feeble minds will surely crash our system. Just read my review of Atlas Shrugged; in it, Ayn Rand excellently sums up how socialism sucks because socialists ruin everything they touch. The economy collapses, millions starve and die, and the government only becomes more and more tyrannical. We can’t let that evil, socialist system come to America.

Don’t let Bernie Sanders bring bad economics and high taxes to America! As long as we are fiscally responsible, lower taxes and lower regulation will lead to huge economic growth. They are part of the magic formula for economic success. But we can only have them and be economically successful if we remain a capitalist society.

Sure, there are some downsides to capitalism such as boom and bust cycles and wealth inequality. But those downsides are far less worrisome than practically every single aspect of socialism. As Winston Churchill so adroitly noted, capitalism may lead to an unequal sharing of wealth, but socialism surely leads to an equal spreading of misery. I’d choose some wealth over any amount of misery any day. So would most good Americans. Keep socialism out of America!

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