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This Socialism Meme shows why Socialism Does Not Work

My Thoughts on this Socialism Meme and Why Socialism Doesn’t Work:

Socialism is an evil philosophy that always fails, and as this socialism meme shows, it only leads to poverty. It doesn’t lead to a communist utopia. Those utopias cannot exist because the economic system they create is rotten to the core. It is a system that turns once honest men into moochers and as Ayn Rand would say “leeches.”

Why? Because it creates a society without money and society without money cannot succeed. As Francisco D’Anconia so eloquently states in his quote about money:

When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns–or dollars. Take your choice–there is no other.

And as this meme shows, socialism needs to people without money. Just look at Venezuela. Their money is worthless. Or North Korea. It is basically society without money. And instead of trading with dollars, North Koreans trade their own lives and work to death in work camps; socialism always leads to gulags. That fact is completely indisputable. Capitalism, on the other hand, creates money. That’s the point of Atlas Shrugged and it’s a fact that young conservatives need to learn and be willing to defend.

The horror of gulags
The horror of the socialist gulags.

As shown by the above socialism meme, only those who are the unproductive members of society support socialism. They want their limitless and ever-expanding welfare benefits so that they can remain coddled at home, doing drugs and playing video games, rather than the freedom to go out and work hard to earn their fortune. Real Americans, on the other hand, want the ability to live free. They, many of them young conservatives, understand that Americans should desire liberty, not welfare. Capitalism makes you work harder, yes, but it also is based on consent rather than compulsion.

And because of that, people are generally able to trade freely and deal with each other as they see fit. I would prefer capitalism to socialism. I would prefer to work and build wealth for myself than be a penniless slave for some Politburo bureaucrat. Socialism never works. And even if it did “work,” we would all be penniless slaves. That’s not “working,” that’s utterly and completely failing. Take a good look at this socialism meme and let it show you why you should support capitalism, not socialism.

This socialism meme is just one of many that show why socialism is evil. There are many young conservatives out there that are memeing and showing American patriots of every age just why socialism is evil, a fact that many leftists wish to ignore.

Luckily, you’ve seen this socialism meme, and probably many others, so you understand that fact and can now go out and combat the left. The battle for America’s fate is currently raging. Mainly, it is a fight between capitalism and freedom and socialism and authoritarianism. Help me share memes like this socialism meme so we conservatives can finally gain the upper hand and start to win that battle!

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